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Snakebite Flex reduces JB Laser’s noise pollution

JB Laser approached BlastOne, hoping to reduce the noise in their blast room and throughout the facility. They mainly wanted to improve communication between teams, without diminishing productivity.


JB Laser is a custom coatings shop with laser cutting services in Boise, Idaho.

JB Laser produces a long-lasting, durable powder coating. To ensure that the high-quality powder adheres to the surface, they start by sandblasting items, using Garnet abrasive, in a blast room. Garnet media leaves no embedment and creates the cleanest surface, giving a smooth, even finish compared to other abrasives. Once blasted, these items are ready to be powder coated.

JB Laser tested the SnakeBite Flex, hoping to reduce the amount of noise pollution throughout their facility during blasting.

Snakebite Flex reduces JB Laser's noise pollution


The SnakeBite Flex provided dramatic results. The noise reduction helped communication within the shop, while also increasing blasting efficiency. Before the trial, the team at JB Laser did not understand the impact that noise had on the day-to-day. After switching to SnakeBite, they can now communicate effectively while blasting; an extrodinary difference.

SnakeBite’s design gives a larger blasting pattern through a more consistent laminar flow of abrasive particles through the nozzle. This design has improved the blasting speed by 50%. Learn why our customers are raving about the SnakeBite Flex–watch now. 


“The Snake Bite tip is a great product! We look forward to using the crap out of this new tip. LOL!!” Troy C. Leiby, Project Manager

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