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SnakeBite Flex Reduces Noise Pollution


JB Laser approached BlastOne, hoping to reduce the noise in their blast room and throughout the facility. They mainly wanted to improve communication between teams, without diminishing productivity.


JB Laser is a custom coatings shop with laser cutting services in Boise, Idaho.

JB Laser produces a long-lasting, durable powder coating. To ensure that the high-quality powder adheres to the surface, they start by sandblasting items, using Garnet abrasive, in a blast room. Garnet media leaves no embedment and creates the cleanest surface, giving a smooth, even finish compared to other abrasives. Once blasted, these items are ready to be powder coated.

JB Laser tested the SnakeBite Flex, hoping to reduce the amount of noise pollution throughout their facility during blasting.


The SnakeBite Flex provided dramatic results. The noise reduction helped communication within the shop, while also increasing blasting efficiency. Before the trial, the team at JB Laser did not understand the impact that noise had on the day-to-day. After switching to SnakeBite, they can now communicate effectively while blasting; an extraordinary difference.

SnakeBite’s design gives a larger blasting pattern through a more consistent laminar flow of abrasive particles through the nozzle. This design has improved the blasting speed by 50%.


“The SnakeBite tip is a great product! We look forward to using the crap out of this new tip. LOL!!”

~ Troy C. Leiby, Project Manager

“Our experience with the new Snakebite Flex tip from Blast One has been outstanding.

Our first impression was disbelief. We didn’t expect or believe something as simple as this tip could drastically improve our operation. Within the first few minutes of testing, we quickly realized that our first impression was wrong.

The immediate improvements were not only seen, but we felt it and could hear it, too.

Firstly, outside of the blast room, we could have a conversation while blasting was taking place. Something we have never been able to say. The noise is drastically quieter than any other blasting tip we have ever used.

It’s helped shop communication almost as much as it has helped with blasting efficiency.

When it comes to efficiency this Snake Bite Flex tip excels. The surface area, defined blast pattern, and media flow are by far the best part of this tip. We saw at a minimum, a 50% improvement in speed and blasting capabilities. Not just for speedy blasting but an overall smoother and more consistent profile too. The media coming out of the tip was much more consistent and thus allowed for a smoother and more ideal finish post blasting.

When it comes to flexibility and movability the tip is no better or no worse than what we have used in the past. It was just as easy to get into tight areas or small openings with the Snake Bite tip. 

Lastly, we found that the consistent flow with the venturi effect of this tip helps our blaster handle the load longer. It’s not so hard on the muscles of our blaster. It’s improved his ability to maintain blasting without getting tired as quickly.

I want to personally thank the Blast One team for letting us try out this new product. It has drastically changed the way we operate our blasting and without a doubt, improved multiple areas of our operation because of that.”

~ Nick Bowcutt, Powder Coating Operations Manager

Snakebite Flex reduces JB Laser's noise pollution
Snakebite Flex reduces JB Laser's noise pollution
Snakebite Flex reduces JB Laser's noise pollution

Experience the BENEFITS


The SnakeBite Flex reduces noise generated by up to 16 dBA – that’s equivalent to up to 75% quieter than standard nozzles, and the typical high pitched screech is now gone.
Reduce the risk of operator and bystander hearing related injuries and increase your ability to comply with workplace noise regulations.


With its reduced noise capabilities, SnakeBite Flex allows other crews to work in the vicinity of blasting, minimizing production disruptions.


The unique design of nozzle and silencer reduces operator fatigue by up to 45%. Operators can better maneuver the nozzle and will be less fatigued over the shift.

The Flex

SnakeBite Flex: All the Benefits, Half the Size

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the reduced thrust compromise productivity compared to standard nozzles?

    Productivity of the Flex is comparable with standard nozzles (same size, pressure, media) and the XQ is up to 25% more productive than standard nozzles of the same size.   The reduced nozzle kick-back thrust – up to 45% – can actually increase productivity by reducing operator fatigue and enabling a high rate of productivity to continue throughout the shift…. and the #10 Strike (due to the larger orifice size) can increase hand-held blasting productivity up to 54%.

  • Is 1.25`` hose with a 750cfm compressor sufficient when using the SnakeBite Strike?

    It depends on hose length. It is not recommended to use the Strike with a 1.25″ hose longer than 25 feet.
  • Do I need any special equipment to get the SnakeBite noise and thrust reduction?

    No, just screw the SnakeBite with the Silencer fitted into a contractor thread nozzle holder, set the pressure to 100psi and start blasting. Blasting noise will automatically be reduced by up to 16 dB and and you will immediately feel around 45% less nozzle thrust – there is nothing else you have to do.
  • What if my nozzle isn't achieving a reduction of 16 dB?

    Factors contributing to the optimal reduction in sound pollution include.

    • Nozzle pressure needs to be between 80-115 psi
    • Blasting with lean abrasive flow increases noise

    Adjusting these factors will have an effect on dB reduction.

  • How long will the nozzle last?

    Expected wear-life for the SnakeBite is over 400 hours. This is double a standard tungsten carbide nozzle.
SnakeBite Strike increases blasting speed by 51%

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Snakebite Flex reduces JB Laser’s noise pollution


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