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Average Production Rate of 3,200-4,300 ft2 per 8-Hour Shift



Maatschap Europoort Terminal (M.E.T.), the asset owner of a crude oil storage tank in Rotterdam, required the removal of an external coating system from their floating roof tank. The removal process involved hydro blasting, a technique that utilizes high-pressure water to strip the surface of coatings or other materials. Persy Steel Protection was chosen as the contractor for this project, specializing in blasting and painting. In this case study, we will discuss the details of the project, including the equipment used, the project scope, and the results achieved

The project demanded a precise plan of action, as the massive tank measured 280 x 82 feet (85 x 25 meters)  and the epoxy coating system had a dry film thickness of 300-500 μm. Persy Steel Protection chose the VertiDrive closed hydro blasting solution as their weapon of choice. They set out to complete the job in four weeks, targeting a production rate of 3,200-4,300 ft2 (300-400 m2) per 8-hour shift.


The hydro blasting equipment used for the project included one electric VertiDrive UHP crawler, one UHP pump, and a vacuum system. The M4 crawler, with its 400 mm (15.5 inches) working width and 14 sapphire nozzles, tackled the tank’s surface with ease. The (U)HP pump provided the high-pressure water required for the hydro blasting process, delivering 2500 bar at 32 l/min (36k psi @ 8.5 gals/min). The vacuum system, with a capacity of 1,100 m3/hr and 650 cfm, ensured that the waste-water was safely captured and separated without leaking.

Two skilled operators, one for the crawler and one for the pump, brought their expertise to the battlefield. The paint inspector, acting as the team’s watchful eye, ensured that the hydro blasting met the highest of standards. As the water and sludge accumulated, a water settling unit processed the waste, draining the water and leaving the sludge to be disposed of in large bags.

Over the course of four intense weeks, Persy Steel Protection’s team worked diligently, striving to achieve the goal of 3,200-4,300 ft (300-400 m2)  per 8-hour shift.


The hydro blasting project was completed within the scheduled time frame, with an average production rate of 3,200-4,300 ft (300-400 m2) per 8-hour shift with the VertiDrive. The removal of the 3-layer epoxy coating system was successful, leaving the surface of the crude oil storage tank ready for further maintenance and inspection. The use of the VertiDrive blasting robot provided a quick and efficient method for removing the coating system, with minimal impact on the environment.


The hydro blasting of the crude oil storage tank in Rotterdam was a successful project, with the removal of the coating system performed safely and efficiently. The use of high-pressure water for the removal process provided an effective and environmentally-friendly solution, with waste water treated and disposed of responsibly. The expertise of Persy Steel Protection and the quality of the hydro blasting equipment used ensured that the project was completed on time and to the required standards.

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