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Using Robotics for Sandblasting is the latest trend in the Abrasive Blasting Industry. Robotic Blasting improves your profits, productivity and employee safety more than any other development in the modern age.

Simple to operate, customizable, and can be used for complete manual blasting. Please contact BlastOne for your unique solution.

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Can you imagine having 4 guys do a job that a Robot could do? Utilizing robotic blasting your profitability increases because of your higher productivity output and reduced man hours.

Typical applications for Robotic Blasting is where you have a batch of identical products or a batch of products, going through a manufacturing facility and you need to do a full scale blast.

Robots are easily programmed either by hand or on a computer. Programming by hand means you can manually blast with a joystick, record the pattern while blasting and then simply push replay for the following objects.