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The World’s Quietest Blast Nozzles

Snakebite XQ saves ExxonMobil unprecedented asset downtime

• Up to 75% Quieter!
• 45% Less Thrust!


As one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy providers and chemical manufacturers, ExxonMobil develops and applies next-generation technologies to help safely and responsibly meet the world’s growing needs for energy and high-quality chemical products.


ExxonMobil, a global refinery, was stuck looking for solutions to ensure they complied to the latest OSHA noise exposure regulations and needed to lower the overall dB level while abrasive blasting. Current OSHA regulations only allow operators to blast for a limited time at standard noise exposure limits. The impact of implementing this time restriction would have meant blasters would have to cut back their daily blasting hours from 6.5 to 5, which would have blown out job timelines, or drastically increase the cost of completing the projects with more workers.

  • Minimize overall dB levels

  • Achieve specified surface cleanliness and roughness standards

  • Ability to complete original project deadlines on-time

  • Generate considerable savings in production costs

  • Increase production capacity

  • Comply with OSHA regulations

“The implication of the new regulations would have drastically blown out timelines. I was standing outside the tank and all I could hear was the compressor. I peeked my head in to see when the blasting would start… and it already had.”
– Eric, ExxonMobil Chief Industrial Hygienist


BlastOne’s Snakebite XQ blast nozzle tests were conducted using GMA ToughBlast Garnet and maintaining between a range of 85 to 110psi.  Through extensive trials the XQ delivered a fantastic 90% reduction in noise levels.

Blast Nozzle Used At Blaster 25ft from Blaster
Regular Tungsten Carbide #7 Blast Nozzle 122.3 dBA  109.8 dBA
SnakebiteXQ #7 Silenced Blast Nozzle  101.9 dBA 91.8 dBA
Sound Reduction Recorded 20.4 dBA 18 dBA


With the introduction of the SnakebiteXQ ExxonMobil no longer needs to monitor for extra noise exposure when blasting.  Additionally, other trades can work in the same vicinity as the blasting contractor without wearing heavy hearing protection. Using GMA ToughBlast Garnet they now can also blast faster, use less abrasive with no heavy metal concerns, and save money.

Experience the Benefits


The SnakeBite XQ redues noise generated by up to 16 dBA – that’s equivalent to up to 75% quieter than standard nozzles, and the typical high pitched screech is now gone.


With its reduced noise capabilities, SnakeBite XQ allows other crews to work in the vicinity of blasting, minimizing production disruptions


The unique design of nozzle and silencer reduces operator fatigue by up to 45%. Operators can better maneuver the nozzle and will be less fatigued over the shift.

The SnakeBite XQ (Extra Quiet) Blast Nozzle

SnakeBite XQ – The World’s Quietest Blast Nozzle

SNAKEBITE XQ – WATCH AS IT’S PUT TO THE TESTRecently, BlastOne launched it’s most innovative product to date – The Snakebite XQ – which we claim to be the world’s quietest abrasive blasting nozzle.That’s a pretty substantial claim and so we’d like to demonstrate how we can defend such a claim.UNDERSTANDING NOISE VOLUME (DECIBEL LEVELS)How loud is 1 decibel?Volume is not measured on a linear scale like our base-10 number values where “20” is twice as much as “10”.  When it comes to decibel levels, “20dB” is ten times louder than “10dB”.  That’s because decibel volume is measured on a logarithmic scale – which can be very confusing.USEFUL COMPARISONS:10 dB ………………….. Breathing
20 dB ………………….. Whisper, rustling leaves
30 dB ………………….. Quiet rural area
40 dB ………………….. Library background noise
50 dB ………………….. Conversation at home
60 dB ………………….. Conversation in restaurant public area
110-120 dB…………… Abrasive blast nozzle at 100psiWhat’s the value of 10 dB?

  • If we reduce decibel volume from 120 dB to 110 dB, we will have effectively reduced the relative volume by 50%.
  • If we reduce decibel volume from 120 dB to 100 dB, we will have reduced volume by 75%.
  • If we reduce decibel volume from 120 dB to 90 dB, we will have reduced volume by 87.5%


  • At our corporate testing and demonstration site we set up a standard blasting layout.
    • 0375 Compressor…. into an air prep… into a 6.5 cuft blast pot.  We ran our tests at 100 psi and used GMA Toughblast as the abrasive coming out of the nozzle.
  • We test the following 3 nozzles
    • Ultra-Tuff
    • Hyper
    • Snakebite XQ
  • We took decibel readings at three different distances from the blast nozzle
    • 5 ft (approx 1 metre)
    • 25 ft (approx 7.5 metres)
    • 50 ft (approx 15 metres)

Here are our readings:


5 ft (approx 1 metre)

5 foot distance reading

25 ft (approx 7.5 metres)

25 foot distance reading

50 ft (approx 15 metres)

50 foot distance reading

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the reduced thrust compromise productivity compared to standard nozzles?

    Productivity of the Flex is comparable with standard nozzles (same size, pressure, media) and the XQ is up to 25% more productive than standard nozzles of the same size.   The reduced nozzle kick-back thrust – up to 45% – can actually increase productivity by reducing operator fatigue and enabling a high rate of productivity to continue throughout the shift…. and the #10 Strike (due to the larger orifice size) can increase hand-held blasting productivity up to 54%.
  • Is 1.25`` hose with a 750cfm compressor sufficient when using the SnakeBite Strike?

    It depends on hose length. It is not recommended to use the Strike with a 1.25″ hose longer than 25 feet.
  • Do I need any special equipment to get the SnakeBite noise and thrust reduction?

    No, just screw the SnakeBite with the Silencer fitted into a contractor thread nozzle holder, set the pressure to 100psi and start blasting. Blasting noise will automatically be reduced by up to 16 dB and and you will immediately feel around 45% less nozzle thrust – there is nothing else you have to do.
  • What if my nozzle isn't achieving a reduction of 16 dB?

    Factors contributing to the optimal reduction in sound pollution include.

    • Nozzle pressure needs to be between 80-115 psi
    • Blasting with lean abrasive flow increases noise

    Adjusting these factors will have an effect on dB reduction.

  • How long will the nozzle last?

    Expected wear-life for the SnakeBite is over 400 hours. This is double a standard tungsten carbide nozzle.

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