Airbag Nylon Containment Tarps


Top choice for jobs requiring 100% containment, such as lead remediation, etc.

  • Coated 420 denier nylon material (6 oz/yd) or commonly called poly
  • Normally sold with FR treatment. Non-FR available by special order at a 10% savings – call for lead times.
  • Standard construction includes sewn grommets positioned at 2 foot intervals along the web-reinforced seams, hems, and overlap flaps.
  • The second dimension on the tarp size is always the length of the interior seams.

Contact us for rush requirements, volume pricing, and custom material / size requests.

Airbag Nylon Containment Tarps


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$398.00 - $2,732.59

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Containing your hazardous jobsite can be risky if not handled with care. That’s where Airbag Nylon Containment Tarps come in. These durable tarps provide excellent protection on jobs where dust containment is paramount.

At BlastOne, we understand the importance of jobsite containment. That’s why we offer the P-PCCNA Airbag Nylon Containment Tarps – a reliable solution for all your containment needs. Our tarps are made from the finest quality nylon material, ensuring that they can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy use. They are easy to install and remove, making them a convenient option for any containment (or transport) situation.

The P-PCCNA Airbag Nylon Containment Tarps provide a secure fit around any structure, ensuring that it stays in place throughout the duration of a project. With these tarps, you can have peace of mind knowing that your containment needs are being met. Whether you’re containing machinery, equipment, or structures, the P-PCCNA Airbag Nylon Containment Tarps are the perfect solution.