Dust Sock for Black Max Fan


  • Used for short-term dust collection
  • Fits portable dust extraction Black Max fan
  • Used for sandblasting dust control
  • Ideal for short-term abrasive blasting projects
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Includes zipper access for cleaning
  • Breathable for air filtration
  • High volume air flow design
  • Tapered necks for easy attachment to extraction fans
  • Quick to set-up and pull-down


Captures dust extracted by Blue Wizard extraction fan. Allows clean air to vent to atmosphere. Available in a variety of sizes. Suitable for  use with high pressure fans. Typically these are Blue Wizard & Black Max Fans.


  • Used for short-term dust collection.
  • Not suitable for collection of lead dust or other hazardous dusts.
  • For Lead dust collection talk to your BlastOne Area Manager


Additional information

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Item Size

2ft Diameter x 10ft Long, 4ft Diameter x 20ft Long, 8ft Diameter x 25ft Long