Black Max Ventilation Fan

  • Modular, portable ventilating fans, available in a variety of sizes
  • Electric, Pneumatic, and Hazardous Electric models available
  • Set-up as a stand-alone or ducted unit.
  • See attached document for CFM ratings
  • NOTE – Dust Socks cannot be used on electric Black Max fans larger than 16″.  Using a 20 or 24″ electric unit with a dust sock voids the warranty.
  • DUST SOCK – Sold Separately – NOTE – see limitation above
  • DUCT ADAPTER – Sold Separately

Black Max Ventilation Fan


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$2,227.75 - $7,827.75

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Black Max Fans are ventilation fans – not dust collectors. If you application requires dust collection you should use a proper cartridge style dust collector.

Helps with airflow and some ventilation, common in water tanks as a cheap ventilation to reduce dust, it is not a total solution but it can help reduce dust.

BlastOne rents 16″ Electric BlackMax Fans and 20″ Pneumatic BlackMax Fans available to ship today.

IMPORTANT: Note on use of Dust Socks

Please note that we highly recommend using a 20” PNEUMATIC fan instead of the ELECTRIC 20” version if using attachments such as dust socks and/or ducting.

The 20” electric fans tend to overheat under certain conditions or use, i.e., such as using extremely dusty blast media or blasting on surfaces such as concrete.

Dust socks must be kept as clean as possible to avoid overheating of the electric motor.

Use of 20” ELECTRICS in blast room applications is not recommended. If pneumatic service is not available, the 16” electrics, etc., would be an option.