AirPrep Deliquescent Desiccant Air Dryer


  • The Premium Industry Standard AirDryer
  • Uses Deliquescent Desiccant absorb moisture from the blasting air
  • Pneumatic Fan motor
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Size based on the size of your compressor


If you are serious about production blasting – that is, continual production blasting to earn profits each and every day – you’ll need to invest in a serious moisture removal system. Don’t underestimate the benefits of using cool, dry air for blasting. You can actually blast up to 15% faster! You never have to choke your blast machine, and your abrasive metering valve doesn’t need constant adjustments – so you save money in abrasive. The ACS Deliquescent Desiccant system uses an Aftercooler fan to cool the compressed air – the cool air then flows into a large coalescing tank where the cool air/moisture spins through a bed of Deliquescent Desiccant that strips the moisture out of the incoming air. Pneumatic fan motor includes filter regulator lubricator and muffler. Electric fan motor also available. There is negligible pressure loss through the AirPrep system thanks to the over-sized Radiator/Heat Exchanger.

Designed for maximum performance to handle high humidity environments or offer a higher level of moisture removal for critical applications. If your blast operation or jobsite is in a region that experiences wide differences in the daily high and low temperatures, an air dryer is a must to handle the moisture generated in these environments.

Less than 3 psi pressure loss at 40% over stated capacity. Schmidt AirPrep Systems use an over-sized radiator for maximum flow and cooling.

Schmidt AirPreps are skid mounted and have a heavy grating over the radiator to shield the unit from outside forces. They last forever.

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1600 cfm, 250 cfm, 400 cfm, 750 cfm, 950 cfm, 1200 cfm

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