Schmidt® Air Prep Deliquescent Desiccant Air Dryer


Elevate your production blasting with the Schmidt® AirPrep Deliquescent Desiccant Air Dryer, an industry-standard moisture removal system that uses Deliquescent tablets to absorb moisture for cooler, drier blasting. Experience enhanced efficiency, including 15% faster blasting, while saving on abrasive costs, all achieved through this rugged, skid-mounted system. Tailored to your needs with a range of sizes based on your compressor’s CFM, this galvanized desiccant tank ensures easy maintenance and longevity, promising optimal performance even in high humidity environments and temperature fluctuations.

  • The Premium Industry Standard Air Dryer
  • Uses Deliquescent tablets to absorb moisture from the blasting air
  • Pneumatic Fan motor with Easy Maintenance
  • Galvanized Desiccant Tank lasts 5x longer then all competition
  • Select size based on the CFM of your compressor
  • Come fitted with 4-claw fittings
  • 5 year warranty
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing
  • ACSD250 / ADS250, ACSD400 / ADS400, ACSD750 / ADS750, ACSD950 / ADS950, ACSD1200  / ADS1200, ACSD1600 / ADS1600

Schmidt® Air Prep Deliquescent Desiccant Air Dryer


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$12,989.00 - $36,911.00

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If you are serious about production blasting & air prep – that is, continual production blasting to earn profits each and every day – you’ll need to invest in a serious moisture removal system. Don’t underestimate the benefits of using cool, dry air for blasting. You can actually blast up to 15% faster! You never have to choke your blast machine, and your abrasive metering valve doesn’t need constant adjustments – so you save money in abrasive. The ACS Deliquescent system uses an Aftercooler fan to cool the compressed air – the cool air then flows into a large coalescing tank where the cool air/moisture spins through a bed of Deliquescent tablets that strips the moisture out of the incoming air. Pneumatic fan motor includes filter / regulator / lubricator and muffler. (Electric fan motor also available.) There is negligible pressure loss through the AirPrep™ system thanks to the over-sized Radiator/Heat Exchanger.

Air Dryer Model # of deliquescent bags to fill
ACSD250 / ADS250 2
ACSD400 / ADS400 6
ACSD750 / ADS750 9
ACSD950 / ADS950 9
ACSD1200 / ADS1200 9
ACSD1600 / ADS1600 16



Designed for maximum performance to handle high humidity environments or offer a higher level of moisture removal for critical applications. If your blast operation or jobsite is in a region that experiences wide differences in the daily high and low temperatures, an air dryer is a must to handle the moisture generated in these environments.


Less than 3 psi pressure loss at 40% over stated capacity. Schmidt® AirPrep™ Systems use an over-sized radiator for maximum flow and cooling.


Schmidt® AirPreps™ are skid mounted and have a heavy grating over the radiator to shield the unit from outside forces. They last forever.