Binks 5 Gallon Pressure Feed Tanks / Pressure Pots

Binks 5 Gallon Pressure Feed Tanks / Pressure Pots

SKU: P-BI183G5

Binks® Pressure Pots – the traditional pressure tank used in conventional spraying setups.  This group is the versatile 5 gallon size.

  • Construction.  Available in galvanized and stainless steel.
  • Configurations.  Can be supplied in a variety of setups, including the following:
    • Bare tank assembly. Without regulators or agitators.
    • Regulators.  Single or dual with choice of standard or sensitive type available.  (Sensitive is used for improved low-pressure fluid control.)
    • Agitators.  Hand crank, powered, or gear-reduced powered types available.  (Gear-reduced is used for higher viscosity and/or higher volumes of coating, and reduces risk of air entrainment.)
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Binks 5 Gallon Pressure Feed Tanks / Pressure Pots

SKU: P-BI183G5
$2,589.00 - $3,875.00

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Binks 5 Gallon Pressure Feed Tanks / Pressure Pots

Sku: P-BI183G5

Binks Pressure Feed Tanks are indispensable for professionals seeking to maintain the correct spraying viscosity and pressure for their coating materials. These tanks allow for the preparation, thinning, and conditioning of materials, with options for continuous agitation to ensure the material remains ready for application. Each tank is designed to meet rigorous safety and quality standards, featuring easy-to-operate air regulators for precise control, safety pressure relief valves, and various agitation settings to match the specific needs of different materials and applications. Constructed from the finest materials, Binks Pressure Feed Tanks are designed to withstand the demands of any industrial environment. Whether you're dealing with solvent-based coatings or waterborne materials, these tanks provide the reliability and performance needed for efficient operations. The tanks are available with inner liners to reduce cleaning time and preserve materials, and optional bottom outlet conversion kits and dual outlet air regulators cater to specific operational requirements. Key Features: 
  • Robust Construction: Built from Heavy Gauge steel or carbon-plated steel to handle all industrial applications.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Fully approved and CE marked according to the latest pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC.
  • High Compatibility: Suitable for both solvent and waterborne coatings.
  • Customization: Equipped with options for single or dual air regulators and various types of agitators.
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