Breather Box Breathing Air Filtration System


  • A portable Grade-D breathing air filtration system
  • Monitors for carbon monoxide with a 3 stage filtration system:
    1. First stage element filters bulk water and particulate and has an auto drain.
    2. Second stage coalescing filter eliminates atomized oils, mists, ultra-fine
      particulates, and has an auto drain.
    3. Third stage filter removes organic vapors and odors and has a manual drain.
  • Filter change indicators are standard on all three stages of filtration. Filtration
    efficiency is 99.99% at .01 micron.
  • Operates on disposable 9-volt batteries, 8-16 volt DC, or 115 VAC


The Breather Box filtration system by Air Systems is a portable respiratory safety tool that filters water, oils, fine particles, vapors, and odors from reaching your crew’s lungs. Available in both 30 CFM and 50 CFM.

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