GVS/RPB® GX4® Gas Monitor

GVS/RPB® GX4® Gas Monitor


The GX4 is a smart, sophisticated gas monitor designed to keep your employees safe and your company compliant with breathing air safety standards.  Features as follows:

  • Capable.  Monitors up to 4 gases simultaneously, including CO (carbon monoxide), O2 (oxygen), and HS2 (hydrogen sulfide) using the GVS Cartridge Sensors.  
    • Note:  Unit comes standard with the CO cartridge only. Cartridges never need calibrating and last up to 2 years.  Regular calibration checks to be performed by using the GVS / RPB GX4 Calibration Regulator Kit.
  • Intelligent. Continuously logs real-time data such as gas concentration, air temperature, unit status, etc.
  • Connected.  Utilize access to your company’s network or connect directly with your device using the built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot mode.
  • Flexible.  Powered by either a 12 volt vehicle battery clips (using cable with battery clips) or by a rechargeable Lithium battery. 
  • Safe.  Built-in 103db alarm demands attention when unit detects the contaminants above the programmed levels.  For the ultimate in safety, choose the version with RZ fittings.  The RZ fittings are designed to work only with GVS / RPB breathing air equipment and cannot be accidentally connected to shop nitrogen lines.  Note:  Using RZ fittings will require use of breathing air line and respirators with these fittings as well.
  • Customizeable.  The following options are available:
  • Can be surface or wall-mounted using the GX4® wall bracket – or mounted directly to an RPB® Radex Airline Filter.
  • Genuine Product – Manufactured by GVS/RPB® and NIOSH approved with the Radex Breathing Air filter.


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GVS/RPB® GX4® Gas Monitor


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GVS/RPB® GX4® Gas Monitor

Sku: P-APCMB84

The industry leading RPB® GX4® Gas monitor is an Electronic Multi-gas detection system designed to give you complete confidence in the supplied air that you breathe. Infield Sensor Replacement and Calibration
  • For ease of ongoing servicing all sensor cartridges have 2-year shelf life and are easily field replaceable.
  • With no requirement to remove the monitor offsite or send away for servicing. To do this, simply push the sensor cartridge release button, remove the expired sensor cartridge from your unit and replace with a pre-calibrated sensor cartridge, which is ready for use straight off the shelf.
  • In-between sensor replacements, calibration checks can and should be performed using calibrated gas. This is a quick and easy check, following the easy-to-understand on-screen prompts. The calibration requires no set point adjustments.
Streamlined Reporting
  • To view the GX4's real time and logged data, simply log into the units built in Wi-Fi hot spot on either your smart phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Alternatively, connect your GX4® to a network and access the data from any device connected to that network, even if you are offsite
  • If you are looking for the ultimate gas detection system, then the GX4® Gas Monitor is the product for you. Don't leave the health and wellness of your employees to chance.
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