RPB® Radex Breathing Airline Filter


  • Filters breathing air to remove oils, odors, moisture, dust
  • Does not remove CO, you need an additional monitor for that.
  • Can be either floor or wall mounted, uses the same bracket
  • Lightweight, site rugged, cast aluminum construction
  • Filter only has 4 bolts to remove to change the filter every 3 months which saves you time
  • Filter Sold with
    • RPB® Radex Filter 04-900 /APF3100
    • Quick connect outlet fitting
    • Inlet air hose connector

RPB® Radex Breathing Airline Filter


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$400.85 - $842.48

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The RPB® Radex breathing airline filter works in conjunction with RPB’s safety hood and helmet respirators. This includes the Nova 3, Nova 2000, T-Link, or Z-Link respirators. The Radex boasts a unique twist-and-lock mounting system that allows easy mounting. This mounting system allows for fixing the unit to the wall or the floor. The standard model features two airflow outlets, with a 6 outlet system also available for the unit. DOES NOT remove carbon monoxide (CO) High capacity, large cartridge for effective filtration Filter cartridge has 7-stage operation Compatible with brands including Aro, Cejn, Dixion and Rectus. The RPB RZ fitting is also available, they are unique to RPB and Guarantee that an operator can not plug their breathing airline into any other fitting, saving lives. The large, 6-stage filter cartridge removes moisture, odor and particulates to 0.5 micron from the compressed air stream.


Typically used in Blasting, Painting or welding operations to filter out oils and other contaminants from compressed air stream. Use in conjunction with the GX4 Gas Monitor to detect the presence of harmful gases in the air supply. Typically used with RPB’s GX4 Gas Monitor and C40 Climate Control device.

NOTE: The 2-outlet system has a capacity of 30 CFM and is designed for a single operator with any climate control tube, along with the CO monitor. However, the 6-outlet version has a capacity of only 75 CFM, which means it can support 5 operators (along with the CO monitor) only if they are using the Constant Flow Valves. Due to the higher CFM requirements of the Climate Control Tubes, only 3-4 operators (using the blue cool tubes) and 2-3 operators (using the C40) can be simultaneously supported with the current 6-outlet version.


  • Large capacity, 6-stage filter cartridge
  • Effectively filters any particulates larger than 0.5 micron
  • Optional drain valve to remove moisture from filter housing, to expand cartridge lifespan
  • Optional 6-outlet system
  • Range of 0-125 psi outlet airflow
  • Meets ANSI and other industry safety regulations
  • Quick disconnect coupler, compatible with Aro, Cejn, Dixion, and Rectus brands