Bullard CC20 Tychem 2000 Double Bib for Hard Hat

Bullard CC20 Tychem 2000 Double Bib for Hard Hat


The Bullard 20TIC Hood is specifically designed for use with hard hats, airline systems, or Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) blower assemblies. Crafted from Tychem QC for robust splash protection against a spectrum of chemical agents, this hood is ideal for applications in chemical/pesticide handling, spray painting/coating, and nuclear operations. Featuring a wide-angle lens for unparalleled visibility, a patented inflatable neck cuff for enhanced comfort and protection, and NIOSH certification, this durable yet economical hood meets the rigorous demands of industrial environments.

  • Compatible with hard hats, PAPR, or Supplied Air Respiratory Systems
  • Made from Tychem QC for superior chemical splash protection
  • Wide-angle lens for industry-leading visibility
  • Patented inflatable neck cuff design for comfort and airflow
  • Reusable yet economical for varied application needs
  • NIOSH certified for safety and reliability
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Bullard CC20 Tychem 2000 Double Bib for Hard Hat


The Bullard CC20 Series 20TIC Hood offers top-of-the-line protection and versatility for professionals in demanding industrial settings. As one of the eight styles available in the CC20 series, this hood is engineered to integrate seamlessly with hard hats, airline systems, or PAPR blower assemblies, providing flexible solutions for respiratory protection. Constructed from Tychem QC, a Tychem fabric coated with polyethylene, the 20TIC hood delivers exceptional splash resistance against a wide array of chemical agents, including acids, bases, and other liquid chemicals. For those requiring broader chemical protection, the 20SIC hood variant is available as an alternative. With is its wide-angle lens, it offers unmatched visibility that is crucial for safety and efficiency in high-risk environments. Additionally, the innovative design features a patented inflatable neck cuff, ensuring a snug fit while directing airflow directly into the wearer's breathing zone, enhancing both comfort and protection during extended use. While durable enough to withstand multiple uses, the Bullard 20TIC Hood is also economical, allowing for disposal after each use depending on specific application requirements. This balance of durability and cost-effectiveness makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications, from chemical handling and spray painting to nuclear operations. NIOSH certification underscores the hood's compliance with stringent safety standards, affirming its role as a critical component in comprehensive respiratory protection systems for industrial workers.
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