DeFelsko LPD Adaptable Sponge Hardware / Sponge Options


BlastOne stocks all accessories and supplies for the DeFelsko PosiTest® LPD pinhole detectors.  This category has the replacment sponges and sponge hardware.  Details as follows:

  • Adaptable sponge hardware for a variety of test configurations
  • 8″ and 18″ square sheet sponges for cutting custom shapes
  • 7″ and 24″ wide roller wands, including initial sponges
  • Replacement sponges to use in rectangular or roller holders. Note:  roller sponges are 30mm wide, with 6 being used in the 7″ wand, and 19 being used in the 24″ wand. 

DeFelsko LPD Adaptable Sponge Hardware / Sponge Options


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The DeFelsko® Adaptable Sponge Hardware expands the functionality of the PosiTest® LPD, providing professionals with the tools necessary for a wide range of coating inspection scenarios. This comprehensive set includes:

  • Sheet Sponges (8″ x 8″ & 18″ x 18″): These sponges can be cut into custom shapes, allowing for precise application on uniquely contoured surfaces or intricate details.
  • Roller Sponges: Designed for use with the roller sponge hardware, these sponges enable efficient coverage on larger, flat surfaces.
  • Rectangle Sponges: Ideal for targeted testing with the rectangle sponge hardware, ensuring accurate readings on specific areas.
  • Roller Sponge Hardware: Facilitates the use of roller sponges, enhancing the ease and uniformity of testing across wide expanses.

This adaptable hardware ensures that professionals can tailor their testing approach to the specific demands of each project, ensuring comprehensive coverage and reliable results. Whether dealing with large areas or navigating complex surface geometries, the DeFelsko® Adaptable Sponge Hardware equips users for effective and efficient inspection tasks.