DeFelsko® PosiTest LPD Wetting Agent


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This product is designed for use with the PosiTest LPD.  It aids detection of very small pinholes by lowering the surface tension of the water.

  • Includes two 60mL bottles


DeFelsko® PosiTest LPD Wetting Agent

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In the realm of coating inspections, detecting every possible flaw is crucial to ensuring the longevity and integrity of protective layers. The DeFelsko® Wetting Agent plays a key role in this process by addressing a common challenge: the detection of extremely small pinholes, particularly in thicker coatings. This surfactant lowers the surface tension of water, allowing it to more effectively reach the conductive substrate beneath the coating. 

Utilizing a wetting agent is especially beneficial when standard water struggles to penetrate the full depth of a pinhole, potentially leaving defects undetected. By enhancing the solution’s ability to wick into these tiny openings, the DeFelsko® Wetting Agent ensures a more thorough and accurate inspection process, vital for critical applications where coating integrity cannot be compromised. 

Included in this package are two 60mL bottles, providing a sufficient quantity to support numerous inspections. This makes the DeFelsko® Wetting Agent a valuable asset for inspectors seeking to elevate the precision and reliability of their coating analysis.