PosiTector® SST Soluble Salt Test Probe & Package options


The PosiTector SST – DeFelsko’s innovative solution for accurate measurement of surface salts.  This soluble salt tester is fully interchangeable with the PosiTector platform and offers the following:

  • Familiar.  The DeFelsko SST is one of the expansive list of probes interchangeable with the tried-and-true PosiTector gage/body.
  • Capable.  In addition to soluble salt measurement, it displays the test duration, sample temperature, and more.
  • Configurable.  Available in the following:
    • Probe only.  Use with existing PosiTector gauge.
    • Probe / Gauge.  This basic kit includes carrying case.
    • PosiPatch kit.  Available with choice of gages, this Kit P includes choice of standard or flexible magnetic rings as well as starter supplies.
    • Disposable latex-free kit.  Choice of gages as well as a supply of DeFelsko Adhesive patches, this Kit D also includes starter supplies.
    • Disposable Latex Adhesive kit.  Choice of gages as well as a supply of Latex Adhesive patches, this Kit L also has the other starter supplies needed to get started.
  • Note:  Both disposable patch options feature easy-to-remove adhesive that don’t leave residue on the surface.

PosiTector® SST Soluble Salt Test Probe & Package options


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$400.00 - $1,615.00

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The DeFelsko® PosiTector® SST is an essential tool for professionals focusing on surface cleanliness and preparation. It offers a reliable method for measuring the concentration of soluble salts, crucial for assessing surface conditions before coating. With adherence to ISO 8502-6 and 8502-9 standards, this device ensures that your testing meets international quality benchmarks.

Key Features: 

  • User Interface: The device’s large 2.8″ touchscreen facilitates an intuitive testing process, simplifying the Bresle method application.
  • Durability: Designed to perform in various environments, its IP65-rated enclosure protects against dust and water.
  • Functionality: It features an interchangeable platform, allowing the use of different PosiTector probes for versatile testing needs. Connectivity: Offers USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth options for easy data transfer to various software platforms.
  • Accuracy: A certified conductivity standard is included to verify the probe’s accuracy, providing confidence in your measurements.