DeFelsko Patches for Soluble Salt Testing / Bresle Method

DeFelsko Patches for Soluble Salt Testing / Bresle Method


The Bresle method of testing surfaces for salt contamination is recognized by ISO and ASTM standards.  The DeFelsko SST test probe is an easy and accurate way to conduct these tests.  Test patches are required to perform them and DeFelsko has multiple options, as follows:

  • PosiPatch™.  This innovative product utilizes a reusable patch, held by a magnetic ring against the surface.  Available in 2 configurations:
    • Rigid ring.  Preferred for flat surfaces or round surfaces with greater than 40 inch diameter.
    • Flexible ring.  Preferred for round surfaces between 4 and 40 inch OD, or a minimum of 4.5 inches ID.
    • Saves time and money vs. disposable patches.
    • Utilizes a plastic needle – no sharp hypodermic needles required!
  • Latex Disposable.  The conventional Latex Adhesive Bresle Method Patch has a sample test volume range of up to 15 ml (the only DeFelsko version with this range) for applications where the spec requires this.
  • Latex-Free Disposable.  Similar to latex disposables but lower in cost, the DeFelsko Adhesive Bresle Method Patch is suitable when the 15 ml sample size of the latex version is not required.

Note:  Both disposable options from DeFelsko feature low-tack adhesive with TearGuard™ technology for easy patch removal.  No residue to clean from the surface when using any DeFelsko SST test patch option!

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DeFelsko Patches for Soluble Salt Testing / Bresle Method

$90.00 - $300.00

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DeFelsko Patches for Soluble Salt Testing / Bresle Method


The DeFelsko® Patch range is at the forefront of innovation in surface cleanliness testing, offering a comprehensive selection of solutions for professionals dedicated to the highest standards of quality control. Each patch in the series is designed with precision, usability, and efficiency in mind, ensuring that you can confidently assess salt contamination in line with ISO 8502-6,9 standards. The PosiPatch™ revolutionizes the Bresle Method with a reusable design that saves time and money. Its magnetic ring, available in Standard for flat surfaces or Flexible for complex geometries, ensures a secure, residue-free attachment to steel structures. The watertight, air-permeable membrane and safe, flexible dispensing tip make it an ideal choice for those seeking an innovative and cost-effective solution. The DeFelsko Adhesive Bresle Method Patch offers unparalleled ease of use. Its low-tack adhesive ensures clean removal from nearly any material, with no residue left behind. This latex-free option provides a simple, yet effective, solution for accurate salt contamination measurement on a variety of surface geometries. The Latex Adhesive Bresle Method Patch is tailored for those who prefer a conventional approach, or where the expanded 15 ml test volume is required by specification. Both disposable low-tack adhesive versions feature TearGuard™ technology and an easy-open tab.  They remove cleanly from the surface and combine convenience with reliability, ensuring that every test is performed smoothly and efficiently.
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