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PosiTector SmartLink Buying Guide

Revolutionize your inspection workflow with the PosiTector SmartLink, a wireless interface that seamlessly connects your PosiTector 6000, RTR-H, and SPG probes to your Apple or Android device. This innovative tool transforms your smartphone or tablet into a powerful virtual gage, unlocking a range of benefits to streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting.

The PosiTector SmartLink integrates effortlessly with BlastOne’s comprehensive inspection instrument portfolio. Whether you’re measuring coating thickness, surface profile, or environmental conditions, this versatile solution empowers you to leverage the intuitive interface and features of your existing mobile device.

PosiTector SmartLink

Wirelessly connects PosiTector Probes to your Apple iOS or Android smart devices


Enhanced data analysis and reporting: Generate professional PDF reports, create graphs, and perform real-time statistical analysis directly on your mobile device

Seamless cloud backup and data sharing: The PosiTector SmartLink automatically backs up your readings to the cloud and allows you to share reports and data instantly via email or other applications

Improved usability and efficiency: Enjoy intuitive touchscreen operation, instant data transfer, and the ability to add images and notes to your readings


Battery life: While the PosiTector SmartLink itself uses a single AAA battery, the battery life of the connected mobile device becomes a factor, especially for extended use

Product Options

SmartLink comes complete with free PosiTector App, AAA battery, protective rubber holster, belt clip, wrist strap, instruction, two (2) year warranty. Probes purchased separately.

Easy Mobile & Online Integration

Unprecedented Mobile Integration

– Auto-pairing Bluetooth Low Energy connection works up to 10m away (30 feet)

– Create and save professional PDF reports quickly and easily

– Add images to individual readings or batches using the camera or area within an image (iOS only)

– Annotate images using drawing tools—ideal for identifying a specific location or area within an image

– Rename batches and add notes using the keyboard or microphone

– Real time graphing and statistical analysis with the swipe of a finger

Seamless Online Integration

Connect to any Wi-Fi network and experience:

– AutoSync mode instantly backs up every reading to the cloud—No account required!

– Restore data from the cloud to any smart device—add readings, notes and images

– Live synchronization with your account

– Share professional PDF reports and CSV data instantly via email, Dropbox, AirPrint™ or other applications on your device

Compatible Probes

PosiTector 6000

Measures coating thickness on all metal substrates

*Accepts all PosiTector 6000 probes except the FNDS and FJS

PosiTector SPG

Measures peak-to-valley height on flat, blasted steel

*Only accepts PosiTector SPG and SPGS

PosiTector RTR

Measures peak-to-valley height on flat and curved surfaces

*Only accepts PosiTector RTR-H

PosiTector DPM

Measures and records climatic conditions for environmental monitoring

*Only accepts PosiTector DPM and DPMS probes

PosiTector SmartLink Videos

How To: PosiTector SmartLink

Video Transcript

Introducing PosiTector SmartLink and free mobile app.  This innovative new product wirelessly connects PosiTector probes to your smart device.  A smart new way to measure.

The PosiTector SmartLink is compatible with PosiTector 6000SPGRTR-H and DPM probes.

Let’s begin by reviewing the basic functionality of a conventional PosiTector 6000 coating thickness gage.  After power up take a measurement by placing the probe onto the coated surface.  Gage functions are menu controlled.

Here’s how you turn on memory mode to store measurements and display statistics.  The PosiTector SmartLink physically connects to PosiTector probes.  We’ll begin with a PosiTector 6000 FN probe.  Launch the PosiTector App on your smart device.  Press continue to begin using the app.  Power up the SmartLink. The PosiTector App searches for and identifies nearby PosiTector SmartLink connected probes.  Selecting a connected probe brings up the familiar PosiTector user interface.  To take a coating thickness measurement place the probe onto the coated surface.  The result displays on the PosiTector App.  Press MenuMemory and then New Batch to turn on memory mode.

Measurement will now be recorded while live statistics are displayed.  Swipe horizontally to view a reading summary or a live chart of stored batch measurements.

Documenting on the go is as simple as selecting the notes icon to change the batch name to something more meaningful, and to add job related notes for each batch or for each reading.

Add images to each reading or batch of readings from your image library or take new photos while you measure.

With an internet connection, measurement data can be manually or automatically backed up to and restored from the cloud without having to create an account.  Should you choose you may access this data by logging into Instantly generate a customizable report containing all measurement data, notes, images and charts.  Quickly share the report via e-mail, airprint, dropbox or other applications on your device.

The PosiTector SmartLink also features industry exclusive probe interchangeability.  Disconnect the PosiTector 6000 coating thickness probe and attach a PosiTector DPM environmental probe.  Power up the SmartLink, the PosiTector DPM probe is automatically recognized and begins measuring.

How To: Create Inspection Reports from the Field w/ the SmartLink

The PosiTector SmartLink from DeFelsko turns your Apple or Android smart device into a multi-functional, virtual inspection instrument. Wirelessly connect PosiTector probes to your mobile phone or tablet to take full advantage of powerful smartphone features.

The PosiTector SmartLink accepts most PosiTector 6000DPMSPG, and RTR H probes easily converting to a coating thickness gagedew point meterdepth micrometer surface profile gage, or replica tape reader. Probes connected to the PosiTector SmartLink include all of the same features as those connected to more traditional PosiTector gage bodies.

Auto-pair your device with a BLE Smart connection and instantly transmit and display readings on your smart device. Easily attach photos or notes to each reading, fine-tune your PDF inspection report, and email it to a client or colleague, right from the PosiTector App.

Power-up the PosiTector SmartLink by pressing the LED button—the button will blink blue. Upon opening the PosiTector SmartLink app, a list of available devices will be displayed, listed by connected probe type and serial number. Select the desired PosiTector SmartLink to connect. The probe is ready to measure.

The interface, menu, and features are familiar for PosiTector users. For example, to record your measurement data, navigate to the Memory menu and create a New Batch. The save icon appears and basic statistics are displayed. Each measurement will be displayed and stored into this new batch. On-screen statistics and graphs are immediately updated with each measurement. All batches are date and time-stamped as they are created. Swipe your finger horizontally across the screen to switch between views.

The PosiTector SmartLink allows for thorough documentation as readings are taken. Use the camera or image library to add images to individual readings or batches, then rename batches and add notes with the microphone or keyboard. Add image annotations by using the drawing tool—this is ideal for identifying a specific location or area within an image. Photos and annotations are automatically included in inspection reports.

The PosiTector App uses the smart device’s storage for recording measurement data, while also continuously backing up data, including photos and annotations, to cloud storage, if desired.

Editing readings and batches is easy. Use the icons to change the batch name, add notes, and add an image. Delete or Ignore last reading from the current batch. Ignored readings are retained within the batch but are excluded from the report’s statistical summaries and charts. Deleting a reading permanently removes it from the current batch.

After measurements have been taken, a professional PDF report can be generated instantly. Multiple batches from different probes can be selected to create reports summarizing the entire job. The default report template can also be customized with user-selected Header text, font, images, section order, summaries, calibration information, and more. These professional PDF reports, along with CSV data, can be shared instantly via email, Dropbox, AirPrint, or other applications on your device.

When connected to Mobile internet or Wifi, turn on Autosync mode to instantly back up every reading to the cloud with no account required. Alternatively, create or use an existing account to sync those readings the powerful PosiSoft Desktop software for further analysis or record keeping.

The PosiTector SmartLink, a smart new way to measure, offers unprecedented mobile integration, transforming your smart device into a PosiTector gage body.

Visit to learn more or place your order today.

Get the PosiTector App

The PosiTector App is available for Apple iOS and Android smart devices.

Take full advantage of the simplicity and utility of your smart device including touch screen, keyboard, microphone, camera, email, WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, dictation tools, and more.

Apple iOS

available on the Apple App store
App Store QR code
Scan to download or visit the Apple App Store.
Requirements: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 7.0 or later


available on the Google Play store
Play Store QR code
Scan to download or visit the Google Play Store.
Requirements: Android device with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) support running 4.4 KitKat or later


Learn how to maximize your protective coating and extend the lifetime of your assets

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the PosiTector SmartLink?

    The PosiTector SmartLink is a small piece of hardware that physically connects to new and existing PosiTector probes and wirelessly connects to a free PosiTector app, turning it into a virtual PosiTector gage.
  • Are there different models to choose from?

    No. There is only one (ordering code: INDSMLINK)
  • Which probes are compatible with the PosiTector SmartLink?

    The PosiTector SmartLink accepts most PosiTector 6000, RTR‐H, SPG and DPM probes manufactured after January 2006. The PosiTector SmartLink is not currently compatible with the PosiTector 200, PC, UTG, SST or SHD probes.
  • Is the PosiTector SmartLink complicated to set‐up and to operate?

    No. The PosiTector App is simple and intuitive. Existing PosiTector customers will immediately recognize the user interface and menu structure. Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

    Step 1: Download the free PosiTector App

    Step 2: Connect a PosiTector probe to the PosiTector SmartLink and power‐up

    Step 3: Open the PosiTector App, connect, and start measuring.

  • Can I share readings from the PosiTector App?

    Yes. Probe measurement results are stored on the smart device. When connected to the internet, they can be automatically backed up to, or synced manually. Professional PDF reports and CSV data can be shared instantly via email, AirPrint, Dropbox, Evernote and other applications on your smart device.
  • Does the PosiTector SmartLink require an internet connection to operate?

    No. The core functionality of the product works without an internet connection. With auto‐pairing Bluetooth, you can…

    • Take and store measurement readings
    • Create and save professional PDF reports quickly and easily
    • Add images to individual readings or batches using the smart device’s camera or image library
    • Rename batches and add notes using the keyboard or microphone
    • View real time graphing and statistical analysis with the swipe of a finger

    If an internet connection IS available, you can also…

    • Share, backup, synchronize and report measurement data via email, apps and the cloud
    • Synchronize with your account
    • Share professional PDF reports and CSV data instantly via email, AirPrint™, Dropbox or other applications on your device.

  • Can PosiTector SmartLink measurements be downloaded to PosiSoft 3.0 Desktop?

    No. The PosiTector SmartLink app has built‐in reporting with a variety of export options and full support for
  • What is the warranty for the PosiTector SmartLink?

    The PosiTector SmartLink, like most of our instruments and probes, features a full two year warranty.

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