Flat Heavy Duty Brush

Flat Heavy Duty Brush

  • Suit Blast and Vac Workhead VCBV100 Large Wheeled Unit
  • Replacement flat brush creates a seal with the surface to capture dust and abrasive
  • VCBV100 Workhead uses a single large flat brush seal
  • Sold Individually
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Flat Heavy Duty Brush

Sku: VCBV280

Upgrade your cleaning experience with the "Heavy Duty Brush BNV-6" (SKU: VCBV280). Specifically designed for compatibility with BNV6, this brush promises to transform the way you handle dust and abrasives on a variety of surfaces. 

Top Features: 

  • Optimal Bristle Length: The brush boasts a bristle length of 1½ inches (38mm), ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning. 
  • Dual Brush System: This product emphasizes the necessity of both an inner and outer brush for achieving optimal sealing on numerous work head types. The synergy between these brushes guarantees an airtight seal, allowing for efficient dust and abrasive containment. 
  • Versatile Surface Cleaning: Paired with a work head, the Heavy Duty Brush BNV-6 excels in vacuum blasting both flat and slightly rounded surfaces, catering to a multitude of cleaning needs. 
  • Compatibility with VCBV100: This brush is tailored for the Blast and Vac Workhead VCBV100 Large Wheeled Unit. When used in conjunction with the VCBV100 Workhead, this single large flat brush seal captures and contains abrasive particles, preventing spread and ensuring a clean work environment. 
  • Efficient Sealing: The replacement flat brush establishes a firm seal with the surface, ensuring all dust and abrasive are captured. 
  • Sold Individually: This allows for precise order quantities based on your requirements. 
  • Complete Replacement Set: Offering a set of both inner and outer brushes, this product ensures you have everything needed for the Blast & Vac workhead replacement.
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