Graco XTR 7+ Airless Spray Gun

Graco XTR 7+ Airless Spray Gun


Experience the Graco XTR 7 Airless Paint Spray Gun (SKU: P-GRXTR), a high-pressure industrial spray gun with a 7250 psi rating, lightweight design, and exceptional spray patterns.

  • High pressure industrial spray gun – designed to take on the toughest protective coatings
  • Form-fitted handle, lightweight design with a two- or four-finger trigger
  • Self-locking needle design for faster rebuilds, so there is no needle adjustment required
  • Flat tip provides top-notch life, pattern and finish
  • Easily removable gun filter with trigger guard integrated wrench for cleaning purposes
  • XTR7+ is 7,250 psi rated and the XTR 5+ is 5,000 psi rated
  • Genuine Parts – Manufactured by Graco
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Graco XTR 7+ Airless Spray Gun

$498.00 - $563.00

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Graco XTR 7+ Airless Spray Gun


Graco XTR 7 Airless Paint Spray Gun: Redefining Industrial Painting  Step into a new era of painting efficiency and precision with the Graco XTR 7 Airless Paint Spray Gun. Designed with both the professional and the project in mind, this high-pressure industrial spray gun combines ease of use with unparalleled performance. Key Features:
  • High-Pressure Capability: The XTR 7 is rated for a staggering 7250 psi, while the XTR 5 option offers a 5000 psi rating.
  • Optimized Ergonomics: Features a form-fitted, lightweight handle design, available with a 2 or 4 finger trigger for maximum operator comfort.
  • Efficient Filtration: The easy-out gun filter minimizes blockages and ensures a smooth spray every time.
  • Effortless Operation: With no needle adjustments required, setup is quick and straightforward.
  • Complete Set: Comes included with an XHD tip and guard, guaranteeing an exceptional life, spray pattern, and finish.
Additionally, Graco has introduced an industry-proven feature: a self-locking needle assembly, ensuring faster rebuild times and minimizing downtime. Combining a fresh aesthetic with innovative features, the Graco XTR 7 offers not just a tool, but a revolutionary painting experience.
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