Graco Original King Air-Powered Airless Sprayer

  • The original King High-Flow Sprayer from Graco is proven to outperform and outblast other sprayers in it’s class.  
  • This mid-size XL6500 Air Motor can handle large jobs that require a high-output sprayer, to support multiple spray guns
  • Includes: Integrated filter, heavy duty cart, air kit, siphon kit and hose/gun kit
  • Genuine product – manufactured by Graco
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Graco Original King Air-Powered Airless Sprayer


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Designed with Graco’s XL air motor, the King family of sprayers has proven it’s performance in the field.  With 3 sizes of air motors available (this is the 6500 cc series), they are all high-quality and prepared for high pressure and high-volume situations. 


  • A 6500 cc, XL air motor: can handle the workload equivalent of multiple sprayers, durable and efficient. 
  • Easy accessibility: with exposed poppets and external piolots, troubleshooting and maintenance can be done quickly and efficiently.
  • Low pulsation: even with many sprayers and high pressure
  • Air piloted: allows sharper changeovers
  • De-Ice bleed air control: will maintain its performance even under heavy icing conditions
  • Quiet Operation: even in comparison with smaller motors
  • High Pressure Rating: allows for spraying high industrial coatings
  • Manual Shuttle Override Button: allows a manual restart to the motor if the main valve ices up
  • Will spray up to 100% solids, as well as any abrasive-infused coatings
  • Minimal to no pressure loss: even when running multiple guns with large tips

Specifications for the XL70 – 180: 70:1

  • Ratio: 70:1
  • Max input air pressure 100 psi
  • Max fluid working pressure: 7,250 psi
  • Fluid flow at 60cpm: 2.9 gpm (11 lpm)

Specifications for the XL60 – 220, 60:1

  • Ratio: 60:1
  • Max air input pressure: 100 psi
  • Max working pressure: 6,000 psi
  • Fluid flow at 60 cpm:  3.4 gpm (12.9 lpm)