Lubricator Conversion Kit for King Pumps

SKU: GR244841
  • Suits Graco King, Xtreme and most Airless Spray Pumps
  • Designed to be mounted on an Airless Sprayer between the incoming air and the air regulator
  • Lubricates the incoming air to extend the life of the air motor
  • Sold as a Kit which includes;
    • The Lubricator
    • Adaptor Pieces to match the air regulator
    • Pins, O-Ring and Elbow fitting
  • Genuine Parts – Manufactured by Graco

Lubricator Conversion Kit for King Pumps

SKU: GR244841
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The lubricator meters oil into the moving air stream to
automatically lubricate air-operated motors. A manual
adjustment in the housing, sets the oil drip
rate into the air stream, which can be monitored through
a sight glass. One to two drops of oil per minute is common. Use an oil rated at 50 to 200 SUS (ISO grade 7 to
46) at 100°F (38°C), such as Graco motor oil, Part No. GR202659

To Refill Lubricator
1. Unscrew the fill plug (L, FIG. 2) and pour in the oil.
The lubricator’s capacity is 7 oz. (0.2 liter).
2. Check the oil level with the side sight glass. The
lubricator can be refilled with the system pressurized. However, always relieve the system pressure before removing the bowl for any reason.