RPB Z4® Air-Fed Welding Respirator

RPB Z4® Air-Fed Welding Respirator

SKU: P-NK150

Z4 – The lightest-weight welding respirator in the world in its class!

The Z4® from GVS / RPB is designed to do one thing, and do it very well:  Provide comfortable protection while welding.  A few features:

  • Superior comfort.  
    • Very light-weight – only 28.4 ounces with ADF and cape when equipped with standard head suspension
    • Dual air-distribution system, delivers 75% of air supply to breathing zone and 25% across the visor to prevent fogging.
    • Adjustable head suspension system ergonomically balanced to reduce fatigue
  • Flip-up visor.  When up, the visor reveals the clear safety lens, maintaining respiratory protection during inspection, grinding, etc. 
  • High protection with the following ANSI approvals:
    • Hearing (S3.19) when used in conjuction with the Quiet-Slim™ earmuffs.  (See below in Options list.)
    • Eye and Face (Z87+)
    • Welding Eye (Z87w)
  • Great optics!  Highest quality wide-view ADF lens available.  (Additional details available on brochure under documents tab.)

Multiple breathing options, cape configurations, and accessories are available, as shown below:

  • Head Suspension Options.
    • New!  Bump cap version shields your head from unwanted knocks 
    • Original head-harness is fully adjustable for size
  • Air Control Options.  Both supplied-air and battery-powered PAPR systems are available as follows:
    • Constant Flow Valve:  Basic supplied-air valve allows control of air volume in hood, but doesn’t provide air cooling.
    • C40:  Premium supplied-air valve allows full control over both air volume and temperature.  Cools up to 52 degrees!
    • HX5:  Basic PAPR option with single speed fan control, audible, and visual alarms.
    • PX5:  Premium PAPR option with multiple fan speeds, audible, visual, and vibratory alarms.  (Great for noisy environments!)
      • Note:  PAPR units do not require tethering to an air-line (making them very portable), but do not provide air cooling (can’t use with C40).
    • Note:  Z4® Headtops without any breathing apparatus are also available.  Shown in product grid below. Includes air connection fitting.
  • Cape / Seal Configurations.
    • Zytec FR Shoulder Cape
    • Zytek FR Face Seal
  • Optional Accessories
    • Vision-Link™ Rechargeable Light, mounts to respirator helping to illuminate dim work areas
    • Comms-Link™ In-Helmet Communication, utilizes existing 2-way radio systems.
    • Comfort Side Padding System adds even more comfort with adjustable foam padding.
    • Bump Cap option can be purchased separately, or in a package as shown in the product grid below.
    • Quiet-Slim™ helmet-mounted ear muffs provides rated hearing protection for noisy environments.
    • Ultra Magnifying Lens with choice of magnification
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RPB Z4® Air-Fed Welding Respirator

SKU: P-NK150
$644.00 - $2,902.30

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RPB Z4® Air-Fed Welding Respirator

Sku: P-NK150

The RPB Z4® Air-Fed Welding Respirator sets a new standard for comfort and protection in welding environments. Weighing in at just 28.4 ounces with an ADF and cape, this respirator is designed to provide comfortable protection without the weight, making it perfect for extended use in various welding applications. 

The respirator's dual air-distribution system is engineered to deliver the majority of the air supply directly to the breathing zone, with a portion directed across the visor, ensuring clear vision by preventing fog buildup. The ergonomically balanced adjustable head suspension system minimizes neck and shoulder strain, promoting user comfort throughout the workday. 

For versatility, the Z4® features a flip-up visor that reveals a clear safety lens for continued respiratory protection during inspection, grinding, and other tasks. It meets ANSI standards for hearing protection when used with the Quiet-Slim™ earmuffs, as well as eye and face protection, providing comprehensive safety coverage. 

Whether for professional welders or hobbyists, the RPB Z4® Air-Fed Welding Respirator offers a high-performance solution that combines safety, comfort, and versatility, making it an essential piece of equipment for any welding project.
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