Z4 Safety Lens Bayonet, Pair

Z4 Safety Lens Bayonet, Pair

  • Safety Lens Bayonet (15-832)
  • Pair

Genuine Product – Manufactured by RPB

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Z4 Safety Lens Bayonet, Pair

Sku: HANVZ15832

The Z4 Safety Lens Bayonets provide a reliable solution for securing safety lenses on various protective gear. These bayonets are specifically engineered for easy and swift lens replacements, promoting safety and efficiency in environments where time and reliability are crucial. The robust design ensures that lenses remain securely in place under different operational conditions, reducing the risk of lens dislodgement. This pair of bayonets is an indispensable accessory for anyone relying on Z4 protective equipment, offering both functionality and durability.
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