Schmidt Thompson® Valve I Base

Schmidt Thompson® Valve I Base

SKU: GV214900011
  • OEM Replacement Base for Thompson® Valve I
  • This is the part that bolts to the body, and houses the pipe nipple
  • Schmidt® / Axxiom part # is 2149-000-11
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Schmidt Thompson® Valve I Base

Sku: GV214900011

The Schmidt Thompson® Valve I Base is a crucial OEM replacement part, crafted to maintain the durability and functionality of your Thompson® Valve I. This base part connects to the valve body and houses the pipe nipple, playing a key role in the structural assembly and operational efficiency of the valve. Precisely engineered to match the original specifications, this replacement base ensures that your equipment operates reliably under various industrial conditions. 

Key Features: 

  • OEM Replacement: Specifically designed as a replacement base for Thompson® Valve I. 
  • High Compatibility: Perfectly fits with the original valve body and accommodates the pipe nipple. 
  • Robust Construction: Made to endure the demanding environments of industrial applications. 
  • Essential Component: Integral to the overall functionality and performance of your valve system.
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