Z4 Side Window Blockers, Shade 5, Pair

Z4 Side Window Blockers, Shade 5, Pair

SKU: HANVZ158215
  • Side Window Blockers, Shade 5 (18-821-5)
  • Pair

Genuine Product – Manufactured by RPB

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Z4 Side Window Blockers, Shade 5, Pair

Sku: HANVZ158215

The Z4 Side Window Blockers in Shade 5 are specifically designed to provide enhanced eye protection in environments with high brightness or where additional shielding is required. Perfect for applications such as welding, these blockers reduce glare and prevent harmful light from affecting your vision. Their easy attachment system allows for quick installation on compatible headgear, making them an ideal choice for both professional and industrial use. As a genuine RPB product, these side window blockers maintain high standards of quality and reliability.
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