Z4 Weld Visor Assembly

Z4 Weld Visor Assembly

  • Weld Visor Assembly (15-812)
  • Includes Welding Lens Retainer (16-672) and Side Window Blockers (pair) (15-821)

Genuine Product – Manufactured by RPB

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Z4 Weld Visor Assembly

Sku: HANVZ15812

The Z4 Weld Visor Assembly, part number 15-812, is designed to offer welders the protection and clarity needed for precise and safe welding operations. This assembly comes complete with a Welding Lens Retainer (16-672) and Side Window Blockers (15-821), providing an integrated solution that enhances visibility while protecting against sparks and intense light. Manufactured by RPB, this genuine product meets rigorous safety and performance standards, ensuring reliability in various welding environments.
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