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GMA Classic Cut 80 Mesh Garnet Abrasive Media for Sandblasting or Water Jet

The GMA CLASSIC CUT 80 MESH Garnet Abrasive Media (SKU: P-GANS) is an all-around abrasive ideal for sandblasting new steel and preparing surfaces for coating. This #80 grain size garnet is perfect for achieving a 40-60 micron profile, offering a typical consumption rate of 250 kg/hr and blasting rate of 20 m²/hr. Its pinkish to reddish-brown, sub-rounded grains deliver high performance with low dust, making it an economical choice for both single-use and recycling.

  • #80 grain size for efficient sandblasting
  • 25-50 micron surface profile ideal for new steel and mill scale removal
  • Low dust, high performance garnet abrasive
  • Economical with a typical consumption rate of 250 kg/hr
  • Blowing rate of up to 20 m²/hr for millscale removal
  • Suitable for a variety of industrial applications
  • Packaged in convenient bulk sizes

Schmidt Thompson® II Abrasive Metering Valve

When Axxiom released the Thompson 2 valve, the benefits of Pressure-Hold technology were instantly upgraded by improved user experience over the Thompson I valve.  Details as follows:

  • Improved servicability:
    • Body and cylinder are now 2 parts, providing easier removal of sleeve and plunger.
  • Additional Seal protection:
    • Has 3 separate seals (versus the original 1), reducing dust migration and improving durability.
  • Multiple Sleeve choices:
    • In addition to the original Tungsten Carbide and Urethane full-flow options, Axxiom has released additional options that help prevent over-consumption in various applications.
  • Virtual Position Indicator:
    • Simplifies setting of the media flow rate.
  • Cleanout:
    • Full 1″ port directly under the inlet allows cleanout without removing the valve.
  • Size info:
    • Standard 1-¼” (32 mm) inlet thread
    • 4 choices of MNPT piping for pusher-line connection
      • 1″, 1-¼”, 1-½”, and 2″
  • Options:  Make servicing the valve even more convenient with one of the following:

Meter your abrasive efficiently and conveniently with the genuine Axxiom Thompson II valve!

Pneumatic Control Valve Service Kit

  • Suits Pneumatic Blast Pot Control Valve DM2229000
  • Service Kit is used to keep your blast pot operational
  • Sold as a Kit containing;
    • Piston
    • Spring
    • Replacement O-rings

Auto Air Valve Service Kit 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″

  • Service Kit for the 1-¼ (32mm) and 1-½ (38mm) Auto Air Valve
  • Used to rebuild the Auto Air Valve in the field
  • Includes Gaskets, Diaphragm, Brass Washers, Breather vent and required lubricants
  • Replace seals at the first sign of wear

Schmidt Thompson® Valve I Urethane Sleeve

  • OEM Replacement Urethane Sleeve suit Thompson® Valve I
  • Urethane composition means it’s high-wear in normal applications, but sometimes the only option for a recycled abrasive or super fine abrasive
  • Schmidt® / Axxiom part # is 2149-100-13
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Schmidt® MicroValve™ Abrasive Metering Valve

Schmidt changed the abrasive blasting industry when they introduced the MicroValve™.  Now known as the MicroValve I (or the Original Microvalve), it is still available although most pressure-release Schmidt pots now use the newer MicroValve III®.

It features:

  • Simple threaded screw-type metering
  • Hardened steel threaded base nipple
  • (The brass threaded coupling shown is available separately.)
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing

Schmidt Thompson® I Valve – Abrasive Metering Valve

The Thompson I Valve was invented by Bob Schmidt and was instrumental in causing the popularity of pressure hold technology.

  • Pressure-hold systems retain the pressure in the blast pot until the deadman handle is depressed.  This reduces abrasive and energy waste.
  • The Thompson I offers fine control for abrasive metering
  • It comes in 3 nipple size configurations:
    • 1 ¼” (32 mm) x 1 ¼” (32 mm)
    • 1 ½” (38 mm) x 1 ½” (38 mm)
    • 2″ (50 mm) x 2″ (50 mm)
  • Threaded-plunger metering design with air actuated operation
  • Fits most sand blast hoppers, blast pots or abrasive blasting machines
  • Genuine Parts – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing

Note:  The Thompson I valve, while still available, has become less common. The more modern Thompson II valve or state-of-the-art TeraValve are more popular and can replace the Thompson I without any modifications.

Schmidt Thompson® Valve I TC Sleeve

  • OEM Replacement Sleeve for Thompson® Valve I
  • Tungsten Carbide construction means you get significantly improved wear life
  • Not suited to superfine medias, or abrasive being recycled without a proper recycler – suggest Urethane Sleeve (GV214910013)
  • Schmidt® / Axxiom part # 2149-000-13

Schmidt MicroValve 3 – Abrasive Metering Valve

  • Pressure-release deadman control valve i.e., blast machine depressurizes when the deadman handle is released.
  • Used when an overhead hopper automatically feeds abrasive into a blast machine.
  • Rugged stainless steel body, compact, isolated 2-bolt construction.
  • Doubles blast machine refill cycle time.
  • Virtual Position Indicator illustrates orifice size, giving the ability to set abrasive flow quickly and consistently.
  • Set and forget – flow rates stay set where you put them.
  • High wear, rugged plunger seal.
  • Stainless steel body for long life.
  • Improved urethane clean-out port enabling quick removal of obstructions while improving port and valve life.
  • Fit a rebuild kit while the valve is still fitted to the blast machine.
  • Sold individually.
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt / Axxiom Manufacturing

Union End ball valve with 1 1/4″ Spring Loaded Tri-Clover quick connect

  • Tri-Clover Connector with Built in Ball-Valve
  • Locate between the metering valve and the bottom of the pot to reduce maintenance time on the metering valve.
  • Combines 2 time savers:
    • Tri-Clover connection allows for easy removal of metering valve.
    • Ball valve allows for removal of metering valve without emptying the pot.
  • 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ NPT Threads – suits most blast pots and abrasive metering valves
  • Use thread sealant tape or compound to ensure an airtight connection
  • NOTE – this option adds 6 inches in height. Ensure that your pot has the required clearance before ordering, or that you can add the needed height to your existing pot.

RMC Remote Control Valves

  • Differential pressure-style remote controls 
  • 1-1/2″ (38mm) thread inlet valve 
  • 1″ (25mm) thread abrasive trap 
  • 1″ (25mm) thread exhaust valve 
  • Service repair kit (not pictured) includes all necessary seals, gaskets, o-rings, springs, plug washer retainer, screen, etc.

Schmidt MicroValve 3 Repair Kit (Seals Only)

  • Genuine OEM Replacement Parts Kit (Seals Only) for MicroValve 3
  • Sized at 1-1/4 x 1-1/2” (32 x 38mm), ideal for MicroValve 3 abrasive metering valve
  • Included plunger seal to prevent abrasive media from leaking
  • Polyurethane sleeve for protecting the plunger against wear and tear
  • Included O-ring to effectively seal the valve and prevent leaks
  • Ball seat for managing the flow of abrasive media
  • Economical solution to prolong the lifespan of your MicroValve 3

Schmidt® 10 cuft Blast Machine

FREE Shipping

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | Free Returns

90 Manufacturer Warranty

  • 10 cu ft Schmidt® Blast pot
  • Excellent for a blastroom application with 1-2 blasters
  • Single outlet Thompson® Valve II abrasive metering valve, Dual available
  • Abrasive capacity
    • Garnet 1500 lbs
    • Steel Grit 2450 lbs
  • Comes with pneumatic deadman handle and 55ft of control hose, Electric available

Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing to BlastOne specifications

Skid Mounted Vacuum Abrasive Recovery System – Vacuload IV



  • Will vacuum up to 8 ton/hour of garnet
  • Requires 900cfm of air at 120 psi to operate
  • Skid mounted abrasive recovery system, Pneumatically operated
  • 4 Dust Collector Cartridges with filtration area of 904 sq ft.
  • Automatic Reverse Pulse Cleaning
  • Works best for dry media disposal

Schmidt Thompson® Metering Valve II XL™ – Extended Life

  • Thompson Metering Valve II lasts up to 10 times longer than any other valve, due to its unique engineering
  • Designed to handle the harshest blasting environments known
  • Will handle up to a 3/4″ blast nozzle
  • Will work with any abrasive, including very fine/dusty abrasives
  • Most rugged and reliable valve for any application
  • Sold Individually
  • Genuine Parts – Made in USA by Schmidt / Axxiom Manufacturing

Schmidt Thompson Valve 2 Urethane Seat

  • OEM Urethane Seat suit Thompson Valve 2
  • Used with the Tungsten Carbide Sleeve (The most common)
  • One of the main signs of wear is air leaking out of the nozzle when you’re not blasting but the pot is pressurized
  • Schmidt / Axxiom part # 2152-000-10

Service Kit for RMC Abrasive Trap 1″

BlastOne has the parts to maintain your Clemco® blast equipment. This is the rebuild kit for 1″ abrasive trap on the RMC valve (factory part number 01925). Includes the following:

  • DMRMCATCS Abrasive Trap Screen (3)
  • BA02013 O-Ring (2)
  • Clean Screen Decal (Not available separately)

NOTE: BlastOne also has retrofit kids with upgraded valves, and which are designed to reduce maintenance while keeping your current pot. For pressure hold retrofit kits, see here. For pressure-release retrofit kits, see here.

Schmidt MicroValve 2 Rebuild / Service Kit

  • Repair Kit for MicroValve
  • Replacement Repair Kit for MicroValve III
  • Schmidt abrasive blasting equipment/ Axxiom Manufacturing part number 2127-100-99
  • Complete Rebuild Kit for MicroValve 2 Schmidt / Axxiom part # 2127-100-99 Includes: GV214950006, GV212700005, GV701100506, GV212700012, GV212700015, and GV212710008

Schmidt® 3.5 cuft Blast Machine

FREE Shipping

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | Free Returns

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

  • Compact contractor size, highly portable with good productivity for smaller projects
  • When using premium garnet media, this pot will last for up to 1 hour before you need to refill
  • Capacity of 3.5 cu ft, which equates to about 500 pounds of dense media like premium GMA garnet
  • Pressure Rating: 150psi

Sold as a Kit which Includes:

  • Blast Pot
  • Deadman Control System with 50 feet of control line and handle
  • Choice of inlet fitting in either 4-claw or Spud type.  Spud will be supplied unless otherwise noted in order comments field.

Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt® /Axxiom Manufacturing

Schmidt Teravalve XL Seat

Ensure precise metering with the Schmidt Teravalve XL Seat (SKU: GV213000010) – an OEM replacement seat for the latest generation TeraValve Abrasive Metering Valve. Ideal for use with GMA Garnet and other abrasive medias.

  • Replacement OEM Seat suit Teravalve XL
  • One of the most common wear items, would suggest having a couple on hand
  • Schmidt / Axxiom part # 2130-000-10

Replacement Sleeves for Thompson® Valve II metering valve

BlastOne has the repair parts you need to maintain your Schmidt® Thompson II metering valves.  Replacement sleeves are available in several variants as follows:

  • Urethane – recommended for steel shot/grit
  • Tungsten Carbide – recommended longer life sleeve for applications other than steel shot/grit
  • Tungsten Carbide Keyslot – specialized port shaped like a keyhole, prevents overconsumption of abrasive even if the valve is wide open.
  • Multi-Port Sleeve – offers multiple port sizes, designed to prevent overconsumption of abrasive in various mesh sizes

Note:  Certain sleeves are also available in the valve rebuild kits

Pneumatic Remote Abrasive Cut-off Retrofit Kit

  • Pneumatic Complete Retrofit kit includes:
  • Triple-line coupled remote control hose
  • Control hose connections for air supply
  • Auto air valve and Thompson Valve II metering valve
  • Pneumatic push-pull abrasive on-off switch
  • Response deadman handle

Rubber-Lined Hex 1-1/4″ Pipe Nipple for Flat Sand Valves

The Rubber-Lined Hex 1-1/4″ Pipe Nipple is an essential component designed for seamless connection between the flat sand valve and the blast pot in sandblasting equipment. Engineered for durability, it features a rubber lining to withstand the rigors of use, ensuring an extended service life.

  • Optimal fit for flat sand valves.
  • 1-1/4″ ID hex design for easy installation and secure connection.
  • Enhanced durability with rubber lining for prolonged lifespan.
  • Perfect for professional sandblasting setups in both B2B and B2C markets.

Schmidt® 6.5 cuft Blast Machine

FREE Shipping

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee|Free Returns

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

  • Most common contractor size, combining portability with productivity
  • When using premium garnet media, this pot will blast for around 1.5 hours before you need to refill
  • Capacity of 6.5 cu ft, which equates to 950lbs of a dense media like premium GMA Garnet
  • Pressure Rating: 150psi

Sold as a Kit which Includes:

  • Blast Pot Deadman Control System with 50 feet of control line and handle
  • Choice of inlet fitting in either 4-claw or Spud type. Spud will be supplied unless otherwise noted in Order Comments field


Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt® /Axxiom Manufacturing

For rental or purchase

Flat Sand Valve for Abrasive Metering

The Flat Sand Valve is legacy metering technology, where the metering is performed by sliding a lever to open and close the abrasive port.  It is simple in design and relatively inexpensive, but has a few limitations.  Details as follows:

  • Slide-plate metering design, controlled by lever
  • 1 1/4″ (32 mm) ports
  • Features side cleanout-inspection port
  • Available with or without outlet nipple and Y-piece (Optional rubber lined nipple is available to extend nipple life.)
  • The major limitations are:
    • Not recommended for use with metallic abrasives
    • The slide plate/lever design does not provide effective fine metering control.  Typically this results in over consumption of media.  For low-volume blasting using inexpensive media, this may not be an issue.

Note:  These limitations can be eliminated by replacing the FSV with a MicroValve 3.  No modifications required.  Alternatively, legacy pots with inlet-outlet controls and FSV technology can be completely modernized with either the MicroValve Retrofit Kit (for pressure-release technology) or the TeraValve Retrofit Kit (for pressure-hold technology).

Donut Abrasive Metering Valve

  • HFSTC3 blast coupling included
  • Designed for use with coarse metallic abrasives
  • Heavy cast iron construction
  • Not recommended for use with fine abrasives
  • 1 1/2″ NPT female thread air connection
  • Recommended upgrade: MicroValve 3

Schmidt ComboValve® – BlastPot Deadman Control

  • Combines inlet and exhaust valve functions
  • Full-ported, 1 -¼ (32 mm) thread, inlet side
  • Pneumatic operation requires 60psi to close exhaust valve
  • Rugged, compact, non-corrosive design
  • Simple installation and repair
  • Twin line hose connection
  • Combined position construction
  • Large internal passage for increased blasting abilities

Dust Eliminator

  • Replacement part for the Control Line Pilot Valve
  • Reduces wear on both the remote control exhaust valve and the abrasive metering valve.
  • Provides sharp, clean and rapid deadman response.

Response Pneumatic Deadman Service Kit

Ensure the smooth operation of your Pneumatic Response Deadman Handle with the “Response Deadman Service Kit” (SKU: DM226300299). This complete kit features genuine parts by Schmidt/Axxiom Manufacturing for efficient in-field repairs.

  • Suits Pneumatic Response Deadman Handle
  • Complete Service Kit to enable in-field repair of Deadman Handle
  • Sold as a Kit including;
    • Shuttle Valve
    • Spring
    • Replacement Plug
  • Genuine Parts – Manufactured by Schmidt / Axxiom  Manufacturing

GMA PrecisionBlast 120 Mesh Garnet Abrasive

The GMA PrecisionBlast 120 Mesh Garnet Abrasive (SKU: P-GA120), is a MilSpec Approved abrasive ideal for delicate surface preparation. Offering a fine surface profile of 1.0 – 2.0 mil (25 -50µm) or less, this abrasive boosts blasting rates up to 330 ft²/hr and a low consumption rate of 1.25 – 2.0 lb/ft². Its low dust factor and recyclability of 2/10 make it perfect for precision tasks on sensitive substrates like stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and glass.

  • Creates a fine surface profile of 1.0 – 2.0 mil
  • High blasting rates up to 330 ft²/hr
  • Low consumption rate of 1.25 – 2.0 lb/ft²
  • Low dust factor for cleaner operations
  • 120 mesh size for delicate cleaning tasks
  • Ideal for etching glass and preparing sensitive metals
  • Sold by the pallet (pallet minimum)
  • Abrasive cannot be ordered online at this time

Schmidt® 20 cuft Blast Machine – Dual Outlet

  • 20 cu ft Blast pot
  • Excellent for a blastroom application with 2 blasters
  • Dual outlet Thompson Valve II abrasive metering valves
  • Abrasive capacity
    • Garnet 2950 lbs
    • Steel Grit 4900 lbs
  • Comes with two pneumatic deadman handles and two lengths of control hose (Electric Available)
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt to BlastOne specifications

Schmidt® AirPrep™ Aftercooler Moisture Removal Systems

Maximize your blasting efficiency with Schmidt® AirPrep™ Aftercooler Moisture Removal Systems, engineered for superior performance even in high humidity environments or critical applications. Utilizing an over-sized radiator for optimal flow and cooling, this rugged system features a stainless steel coalescing demister pad, ensuring non-restrictive, effective moisture removal, and requiring no replacement elements. Built to last, the Schmidt® AirPrep™ enhances production by allowing up to 15% faster blasting and reducing abrasive expenditure, thanks to its negligible pressure loss design and efficient moisture elimination.


  • The Premium Industry Standard AirDryer
  • Uses Aftercooler design to cool the air for maximum moisture removal
  • Removes 90% of the moisture in the blasting air
  • Pneumatic Fan motor mean you don’t need electricity to run this onsite
  • Size based on the size of your compressor
  • Suitable for warm weather or indoor use
  • Genuine Schmidt® Products – Guaranteed to Perform!

Grit Suppression Valve

  • Installed in the riser tube below the pop up valve of the blast pot
  • Used to stop backflow of air into the control lines and valves
  • Typically used when blasting with fine or dusty abrasives
  • Suits 1″ riser tubes
  • User will need to reduce current riser tube height to make this fit.
  • Allows maximum pressure fluctuation without back flow of dust and abrasive.
  • Sold individually
  • Genuine Parts – Manufactured by Axxiom Manufacturing/Schmidt

Schmidt® TeraValve™ XL

The Axxiom TeraValve – the next generation abrasive metering valve for blast machines with pressure-hold technology.  Featuring:

  • Extended Life.  Schmidt XL technology utilizes tough metal alloys and internal wipers, reducing premature wear due to dust migration.
  • Easy Interchangeability.  Customers with older Thompson valves that need rebuilt have an easy alternative.  Exchange the old valve with a new TeraValve with no modifications required!
  • Efficient.  Pressure-hold design maintains pressure in the pot, even with deadman released.  This can save up to 15% of abrasive when your projects involve a lot of start-stop blasting.  Reduces expensive compressed air consumption too!
  • Economical.  The compact design of the TeraValve actually costs less than the previous-gen Thompson II valve.
  • Available for more applications.  Pressure-release pots with limited clearance (where traditional Thompson Valves do not fit) can also benefit. Efficient pressure-hold technology can be used on any blast pot with a minimum of 6″ clearance by installing a TeraValve retrofit kit.
  • Genuine Parts – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing

Note:  Diaphragm-activated piston requires minimum of 75 psi control pressure

Union End Ball Valve 1-1/4” – Half handle

  • 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ FNPT Threads, with half-round handle – fits most blast pots
  • Incorporates ball valve and union connection
  • Reduces maintenance time – allows the metering valve to be removed without emptying the pot
  • Can be used independently, or in conjunction with a Tri-Clover Quick connector. To order this combination as a unit, use part number GV2410320SPBV (saves cost).
  • Use thread sealant tape or compound to ensure an airtight connection
  • NOTE – this option adds about 3 inches to the height of the valve – ensure that you have sufficient clearance before ordering.

Schmidt MicroValve 3 Complete Rebuild Kit

Revitalize your MicroValve 3 with the Schmidt MicroValve 3 Complete Rebuild Kit (SKU: GV212810099). This comprehensive OEM replacement kit, complete with plunger, ensures optimal functionality and extended valve life.

  • OEM Rebuild Kit suit MicroValve 3 – Includes Plunger
  • Schmidt / Axxiom part # 2128-100-99
  • Includes: GV7011005060, 2127-000-05, GV214950006, GV212810008, GV212800015

High Capacity Portable Moisture Separator

Built by Schmidt®, these moisture separators are available in multiple versions as follows:

  • Size
    • 800 or 1600 CFM capacity
  • Configuration
    • Stationary or Portable (with handle, axle  & wheels)
  • Fittings
    • Built with 2″ NPT ports on both Inlet and Outlet, these can be equipped with your choice of Spud or 4-claw fittings, ball valves, splitters, etc.

Note:  Fittings are optional and must be ordered separately.  See You May Also Like below.

1-1/4″ rubber-lined wye for flat sand valve

Elevate your sandblasting assembly with the 1-1/4″ Rubber-Lined Wye, expertly designed to connect the flat sand valve to the pusher line, blast hose line, and blast pot nipple. This Y-piece pipe fitting is engineered with 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” standard NPT female threads and features a durable rubber-lined steel construction for an extended wear life.

  • Ensures seamless integration with your sandblasting system.
  • Durable rubber-lined steel construction for maximum longevity.
  • Standard 1-1/4” NPT female threads for universal compatibility.
  • Direct replacement for OEM parts: Clemco 01818 and Axxiom 3012-107.

Spider Plate

  • Suits 24″ large blast pot
  • Pop-Up Umbrella Spider Plate allows valve to pop-up easily when a head of abrasive is stored above the blast machine
  • Installed into the pot of the blast pot
  • Used in auto-loading applications such as blastrooms, recovery systems etc.
  • Sold as a complete assembly including the legs and arms

Schmidt® Bulk AmphiBlast™


The Schmidt Bulk AmphiBlast™ combines the features of a MegaBlaster and dustless vapour abrasive blasting, and is the latest in technology and efficiency. The Bulk AmphiBlast™ has a super large capacity that allows up to 4 blasters to blast for up to 8 hours each without stopping to refill the blast pot.  Furthermore, each blaster can choose independently if they want to dry blast, mist blast (slurry), SoftwashTM or blow down.

Water Injection High Pressure Wet Blast Attachment

Adapts a contractor thread nozzle to a wet blasting nozzle.  More control than with a halo nozzle.

  • Injects water internally into the abrasive / air stream
  • Adapter connects to the nozzle holder, and holds a contractor thread nozzle.
  • Includes needle valve to optimize mixture
  • Requires a pressure washer to operate, set for 500-1000 psi, 2-4 GPM flow

Bullard 88VX Respirators

The Bullard 88 is THE time-tested “work horse” of abrasive blasting helmets.  They are available in multiple configurations, as follows:

  • Cape options:
    • 28″ standard length cape
    • 38″ extended length cape
    • 38″ Hibernia Parka w/sleeves, in sizes L and XL
  • Flow control options:
    • F30 Continuous Flow Valve (standard)
    • AC1000 Cool tube (available separately)
    • HC2400 Heat/Cool tube (available separately)
  • Airline Fittings for Flow Controls:
    • ¼” Industrial Interchange Quick-Disconnect (standard)
    • Alternative Airline Fitting versions include:
      • Schrader
      • Snap-Tite (steel)
      • Snap-Tite (brass)
      • Snap-Tite (stainless)
      • CEJN
      • Bayonet Steel
  • Also includes:
    • Breathing Air tube
    • Nylon Belt

Note:  For options not shown, call or chat for pricing and availability.

160 CF Mega MistBlaster Blast Machine, 4-Outlet

Our latest generation Mega MistBlaster offers both wet and dry blasting for the ultimate in flexibility!  It reduces costs and time when doing large projects and offers the following:

  • Versatility.  4 functions available at the flip of a switch:
    • MistBlasting / Wet (slurry) Blasting
    • Traditional Dry Blasting
    • Wash-down mode
    • Blow-off mode
    • Each outlet is independently controlled, giving even greater versatility.
  • Capability.  With its 4 outlets, this workhorse can power up to 4 operators OR a VertiDrive robotic blaster and manual blasting simultaneously.
  • Huge capacity – As typically configured with 160 cubic feet (aka 8 Ton), this bulk pot holds half a truckload of garnet.
  • Mount Options as follows:
    • Highway Trailer
    • Skid Mount
    • Shipping Legs (for mounting on your own equipment)
  • Available Cost Saving Option – We can convert your existing Schmidt® Dry bulk pot with to our Mega MistBlaster with our retrofit package. Available as a Limited version (without metering / air valves, for new pots) or as a Full version (with all valves, for used pots).

More options and features shown under the description tab. Available for Purchase or Rental. Ask about a demo! Note: Designed for use with a 1600 CFM dryer, available here.

Schmidt® Air Prep Deliquescent Desiccant Air Dryer

Elevate your production blasting with the Schmidt® AirPrep Deliquescent Desiccant Air Dryer, an industry-standard moisture removal system that uses Deliquescent tablets to absorb moisture for cooler, drier blasting. Experience enhanced efficiency, including 15% faster blasting, while saving on abrasive costs, all achieved through this rugged, skid-mounted system. Tailored to your needs with a range of sizes based on your compressor’s CFM, this galvanized desiccant tank ensures easy maintenance and longevity, promising optimal performance even in high humidity environments and temperature fluctuations.

  • The Premium Industry Standard Air Dryer
  • Uses Deliquescent tablets to absorb moisture from the blasting air
  • Pneumatic Fan motor with Easy Maintenance
  • Galvanized Desiccant Tank lasts 5x longer then all competition
  • Select size based on the CFM of your compressor
  • Come fitted with 4-claw fittings
  • 5 year warranty
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing
  • ACSD250 / ADS250, ACSD400 / ADS400, ACSD750 / ADS750, ACSD950 / ADS950, ACSD1200  / ADS1200, ACSD1600 / ADS1600

Schmidt® TeraValve™ 6.5cf Blast Pot Complete Retrofit Kit – Single Outlet

  • TeraValve™ Complete Blast Pot Retrofit Kit
  • Allows you to completely retrofit your existing blast pot into the latest pressure-hold technology
  • Reduces abrasive consumption up to 15% compared to pressure-release systems, depending on application.
  • TeraValve™ is designed to last with stainless alloy construction and internal dust wipers
  • Sold as a kit with all parts, fittings and instructions required for installation
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing
  • Kit pictured is 1-1/2″ Airlines, Electric Deadman – most common

Squat Aftercooler AirDryer System

Enhance your blasting operations with the Squat Aftercooler AirDryer System, a compact, industry-standard moisture removal solution designed to increase blasting speed by up to 15%. Leveraging an Aftercooler design for optimum cooling, this system effectively removes moisture, saving on abrasive costs, and comes in sizes tailored to your compressor capacity. Rugged, portable, and equipped with a stainless steel demister pad for effective moisture removal, the Squat Aftercooler AirDryer System is built for high performance in high humidity and varied temperature environments.

  • The Industry Standard AirDryer
  • Squat Compact Design
  • Uses Aftercooler design to cool the air for maximum moisture removal
  • Pneumatic Fan motor
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Size based on the size of your compressor
  • ACS250Squat – Rated to 250 cfm (good for 1x #6 blast nozzle)
  • ACS400Squat – Rated to 400 cfm (good for 1x #7 blast nozzles
  • ACS750Squat – Rated to 750 cfm (good for 2 blasters)
  • ACS950Squat – Rated to 950 cfm (good for 2 blasters or occasionally 3)
  • This unit will perform best when used in climates where the ambient temperature is above 50°F. Not recommended for use in climates that freeze. Recommend P-ACSD.

Blast Pot Deadman Control Valve – Electric or Pneumatic

  • Deadman-operated control valve (solenoid)
  • Uses an electric or pneumatic charge to push over the shuttle which opens ports to control the deadman system
    • Provides sharp, clean and rapid response
    • Improves safety
  • Installs between twinline and inlet valve
  • Reduces wear on both the remote control exhaust valve and the abrasive metering valve

Large Pop-Up Valve with External Sleeve

  • Suit Clemco Blast Pots
  • Replacement pop-up valve with External Pop up sleeve
  • Designed to go over the riser tube to help minimize backward flowing abrasive
  • Also work when you have a low pressure and volume of air
  • Only needed because Clemco inlet and outlet valves are slow to close
  • Seating rings sold separately – BAP5

Schmidt Thompson Valve 2 Vibration Disc

  • OEM Replacement Vibration Disc suit Thompson Valve 2
  • This disc prevents accidental adjustment of the abrasive control knob by vibration, ensuring consistent media flow
  • Schmidt / Axxiom part # 2152-000-25

MistBlaster Water Line 1/4in Check Valve

  • Suits BlastOne MistBlaster
  • Check Valve Assembly is installed Inline on water hose attached to the injector block at the bottom of the MistBlaster
  • Ensure water and abrasive does not flow backwards into the control lines of the MistBlaster
  • 1/4 NPT
  • Sold individually
  • Genuine Parts from BlastOne

Inlet Airline Moisture Separator

The Inlet Airline Moisture Separator, designed specifically for abrasive blasting, provides final stage moisture droplet removal before air enters the blast machine, ensuring minimal pressure loss for peak blasting productivity. Utilizing an elementless design with a tangential flow, and an internal stainless steel coalescer, it handles large air volumes without efficiency loss. This system can be sized at 250cfm or 400cfm based on your blast nozzle and compressor size, and though it requires separate order of inlet fitting or ball valve, it promises improved blasting performance with drier air.

  • Installed at blast machine inlet for final stage moisture droplet removal before air enters blast machine
  • Tangential flow and elementless design
  • Minimal pressure loss for peak blasting productivity
  • Requires 1/4′ ball valve for drainage – part no. FVBL006
  • Optional autodrain accessory available
  • Male threaded inlet and outlet ports
  • Inlet fitting or ball valve not supplied – order separately
  • Specify Size – 250cfm or 400cfm, based on the size of your blast nozzle and compressor
  • Includes internal stainless steel coalescer

SupaMega Bulk Blaster Blast Machine with In-built AirPrep™


  • Specified capacity 160 cu ft / 4500 liters
  • Manufactured by Schmidt to BlastOne unique specifications
  • Garnet abrasive capacity – 23800 lbs / 10.8 tonne
  • 1600 cfm Airprep™ mounted directly on the front of the MegaBlaster
  • Comes with 2 Thompson® Valve metering valves, up to 4 outlets possible
  • Skid or Trailer Mounted
  • Hybrid Bulk Blaster with built-in Air Dryer

Mega Blaster Bulk Blast Machine

Production work-horse for big dry-blast projects!  Save time and money when doing large projects.

  • Industrial Quality & Design – Manufactured by Schmidt to BlastOne specifications
    • Long-life TeraValve metering valves – typically 4-outlets
    • High flow plumbing virtually eliminates pressure drop
  • Huge abrasive capacity – Up to 160 cubic foot (aka 8 ton pot) holds half a truckload of garnet!
  • Flexible configuration – Available with:
    • Highway Trailer
    • Yard Trailer
    • Skid mount
    • Shipping Legs (for mounting on your own equipment)
  • Latest Generation Safety features
    • Halok closure – impossible to open under pressure
    • CEN muffler – reduces noise AND prevents freeze-up
    • Anti-slip ladder rungs
  • Available Performance Enhancing Options
    • Bulk Bag Loading Rack – enhances safety while loading
    • Hybrid – attached dryer saves space & setup time
    • Vacuum loading – saves wait time for cranes where forklift loading of abrasive is prohibited
    • Hour meters – management tool monitors nozzle time

Favorite for use with the VertiDrive robots! Rent or purchase.  

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | Free Return | 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

Note:  Designed to be used with a 1600 CFM dryer, available here.

Schmidt® Multi-Media Industrial Soda Blaster

FREE Shipping

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | Free Returns

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

  • The most versatile, easy-to-regulate dry blast machine on the market
  • 10-150psi blasting pressure range
  • With a load skid combined with an inlet filter, this product uses a differential pressure gauge to allow accurate “metering” of hard-to-flow abrasives like Soda and fine Garnets
  • With regulators for the blast and tank pressure for accurate control, this product can be used with most abrasive types – fine to coarse
  • With the addition of a media vibrator to improve light media flow and an easy-to-use media shut-off valve this unit is perfect for graffiti removal and all other types of soda blasting
  • G2 pneumatic deadman control, 55′ twinline control hose, 55′ water line with wet blast attachment for dust suppression included with purchase

Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing

Schmidt® Handy-man 1.5 cuft Blast Machine

FREE Shipping

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | Free Returns

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

  • 1.5 cuft capacity – easily portable but with the same industrial grade construction as its larger siblings
  • Full industrial working pressure range of 150 psi (10.3 bar)
  • Offers the same industrial abrasive metering valves as its larger siblings – the TeraValve, Thompson II, and MicroValve
  • Comes with moisture trap and 1″ Piping

Genuine Product – Manufactured by Schmidt®/Axxiom Mfg.

CEN Muffler Retrofit Kit for Mega Blaster

The Controlled Expansion Nozzle (CEN) Muffler Kit by Axxiom / Schmidt for Mega Pots significantly improves safety as well as reducing blowdown noise.

  • Using a CEN muffler removes the risk of freeze-up at the vent. Without this muffler, dangerous pressure can remain in the pot due to vent freeze-up.  Injury or death can result to an operator who removes the abrasive loading cover under pressure.
  • In addition, noise levels during blowdown without a CEN can exceed 140db.  With the CEN, the noise is reduced to 92db.
  • The kit includes a 3″ NPT thread connection.  As mounting brackets are not included in the kit (due to the restriction on welding on a pressure vessel after certification), customer will need to decide best place for mounting, possibly using the ladder.  BlastOne technicians are available – contact us if any questions.

Sponge-Jet® Sponge Blast Pots

Portable Sponge-Jet® feed units (aka Sponge Pots) come in a variety of configurations to suit almost every application.  From small, value-based units to fully featured machines, sponge feed units are designed for the ultimate in low-dust abrasive blasting. Seven configurations are available, as follows:

  • RASP Xtreme™ 3:
    • Highly portable & fits thru a 24 inch manway
    • Holds 1 bag of new sponge media (5-7 minutes)
    • Includes pressure relief valve (PRV) & integrated wheels
    • Great for spot work
    • 127 lb. empty weight
  • 100-HP Feed Unit™:
    • Great balance between size, cost & blast time
    • Fits through a 30″ doorway
    • Holds 3 bags of new sponge media
    • Includes PRV, secondary moisture separator & wheels
    • Great for preservation work
    • 480 lb. empty weight
  • CG Series (Contractor Grade Series):
    • 2 sizes available:
      • 170-CG – holds 5 bags of new sponge media
      • 470-CG – holds 13 bags of new sponge media
    • Value series – ideal where few features are required
    • Includes fork pockets
    • Great for yard work
    • 600 lb. / 1142 lb. empty weights for 170-CG / 470-CG
  • SJ Series (Feed Unit Series):
    • 2 sizes available:
      • 170-SJ – holds 5 bags of new sponge media
      • 170-EX – similar to 170-SJ, but ATEX 2 rated for potentially flammable environments
      • 470-SJ – holds 13 bags of new sponge media
    • Fully featured, includes:
      • Pressure relief valve
      • Secondary moisture separator
      • Muffler
      • Frame w/casters and lifting lugs
      • Centralized controls
    • Great for field work
    • 900 lb / 1000 lb / 1515 lb empty weights respectively

All new feed units come with choice of WEV or Saber nozzle.  We recommend the Saber nozzle due to it’s much higher value.  In addition, optional equipment such as the manifold/moisture separator, the vacuum drums, etc. are less costly if purchased when a feed unit is purchased.

Note:  Due to our distribution agreement with Sponge-Jet, pricing is not shown on our website.  Contact us for fast, competitive pricing or send in the web-form quote request.

Schmidt® MiniBRS Blast and Vacuum Recovery System

FREE Shipping

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | Free Returns

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

  • Blasting rate up to 20 ft2 per hour.  Due to this low production rate, this unit is intended for specialty applications, such as spot-work in dust-sensitive areas.
  • Utilizes the TeraValve XL abrasive metering valve
  • Compressed Air Requirement is only 185 cfm
  • Has wheels and fork pockets for easy portability by hand, or by forklift.
  • 100% compressed air powered – no electricity required
  • Various workheads are available for flat surfaces, inside corners, outside corners, etc. – enquire for details.
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt / Axxiom Manufacturing

Schmidt® 11cf Blast Machine, Dual Outlet

FREE Shipping

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | Free Returns

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

  • Unique!  Dual Outlet for 2 operators, in a short configuration for easy loading.
  • Only 46 inches tall!  Shorter than a standard 6.5 pot.
  • Capacity of 11 cu ft, which equates to 1600lbs of a dense media like premium GMA Garnet
  • Pressure Rating: 150psi
  • TeraValve pressure-hold metering valves

Sold as a Kit which Includes:

  • Blast Pot
  • Pneumatic Deadman Control System comes with 2 sets of 50 feet of control line and handle
  • Choice of inlet fitting in either 4-claw or Spud type. Spud will be supplied unless otherwise noted in Order Comments field.

BLAST HOSE sold separately

Genuine Product – Manufactured by Schmidt® /Axxiom Manufacturing

Extreme Lower Replacement Leg for Graco King Sprayer

  • Replacement Lower with built-in filter
  • Retrofit an Xtreme pump lower to an existing old-style King or Bulldog air motor
  • Improved performance especially with higher pressures 45:1, 56:1, 68:1, 80:1 ratios
  • Reduced solvent usage quicker and easier to flush
  • Extended life component
  • Fast, simplified servicing with quick knockdown intake valve and cylinder

Schmidt® Mitey-Mite 0.9 CUFT Blast Machine

FREE Shipping

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | Free Returns

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

  • Smallest production style pot available
  • The 0.9 cuft capacity will hold 140 lbs of Garnet
  • Ideal for in-plant or onsite touch up work
  • Comes with Schmidt TeraValve™ Metering Valve
  • Unit includes 25′ blast hose with trigger deadman, 1/8″ nozzle and twinline
  • Comes with moisture trap
  • 3/4″ Piping

Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt / Axxiom Manufacturing

For rental or purchase

Long Life Pot Connector

  • Heavy duty long life pot connector to prevent the top thread of the MicroValve from wearing
  • 1 ¼” (31.75 mm) threads both ends

Mist Blaster® Wet/Dry 6.5CF Blast Machine Options

Updated and enhanced! BlastOne has refreshed its highly successful MistBlaster® and has released the latest generation with even more capability!

What HAS NOT changed:

  • Industry-Leading Flexibility. 
    • The MistBlaster® is a true dry blaster with the added capability of being the best wet blaster on the market. It is not a limited-purpose dustless / slurry blaster that will sit around gathering dust most days.
  • Water and Abrasive flow is separately adjustable. Maximizes production while keeping cleanup to a minimum.
  • Reliable design.  Uses the latest generation TeraValve® metering valve on the popular 6.5CF pot chassis.
  • Abrasive choice.  Will work with most abrasives in dry mode. In wet mode, garnet or crushed glass are recommended.

What HAS changed:

  • Enhanced functionality. 4 functions are built into the control panel (Dry Blast, Wet Blast, Wash Down, and now Blow Down)
  • Controls flexibility.  The dual deadman control system is now set up to operate either electrically or pneumatically.
  • High-Flow piping.  Air pressure regulator has been deleted and piping has been upgraded to increase nozzle pressure.

All 6.5 c.f. MistBlasters include the following as standard:

  • Single outlet TeraValve® abrasive metering valve
  • Dual electric / pneumatic controls, including deadman handle and control line
  • Industrial-strength Schmidt® VBS II Muffler

Configuration Options:

  • Wheel version – Stand-alone unit, portable configuration
  • Skid version – Stand-alone unit, mounted on a steel skid.
  • Combo Skid versions, save setup time and storage space. Available in the following configurations:
    • Combo Skid 400 cfm Dryer Options as follows: 
      • Deliquescent type (4-season / highest efficiency)
      • Aftercooler Squat type (3-season / less effective in cooler temperatures)
      • No Dryer
      • Note: Unlike dedicated slurry-type blasters, the MistBlaster is designed around a standard dry vessel.  A stand-alone air dryer is required in order to realize a full return on your investment.
    • Combo Skid Mounting Options as follows: 
      • Steel Skid
      • Steel Skid with Frame
    • Combo Skid Breathing Air Packages as follows: 
      • With Breathing Air Station (breathing air filter, carbon monoxide alarm, and 50′ breathing air line)
      • Without Breathing Air Station
    • Note:  All Combo Skid configurations include an Air Manifold with spare air ports and a 50-gallon tank.
  • Retrofit version:  Save money by retrofitting your existing 6.5 pot (must be structurally sound).  Available in wheel or skid configurations and includes all standard MistBlaster features.

Available for Purchase or Rental. Ask about a demo!

Additional details shown under the description tab.

Schmidt® AmphiBlast™ Lite Blast Pot

FREE Shipping

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | Free Returns

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

  • Versatile!  No need to have separate wet and dry blast equipment.  Wet blast or dry blast with a single unit
  • Minimal water usage (less than 1 pint / ½ litre per minute) with proprietary Schmidt  technology that allows precise control of the amount of water injected into the air stream while blasting
  • Abrasive tank is “dry” so there is no need to drain water to refill with abrasive. This creates a significantly cleaner job site and is more efficient
  • Schmidt TeraValve™ XL abrasive metering valve offers precise and repeatable control of a wide range of coarse or fine abrasives
  • Wide range of blasting pressure capabilities from 10 to 150 psi
  • Toggle between wet blast, dry blast, wash-down and blow-off using a single control panel
  • This version has a 3.5 C.F. capacity.  Other sizes are available upon request – enquire.

Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing

Electric Remote Deadman Conversion Kit

  • Conversion kit for DM2229100 Electric Control Valve
  • Installs between twinline and inlet valve
  • Provides sharp, clean and rapid deadman response
  • Improves safety
  • Reduces wear on both the remote control exhaust valve and the abrasive metering valve

Graco Original King Air-Powered Airless Sprayer

  • The original King High-Flow Sprayer from Graco is proven to outperform and outblast other sprayers in it’s class.
  • This mid-size XL6500 Air Motor can handle large jobs that require a high-output sprayer, to support multiple spray guns
  • Includes: Integrated filter, heavy duty cart, air kit, siphon kit and hose/gun kit
  • Genuine product – manufactured by Graco
  • Pump Size Calculator

RPB Nova 3 Blast Helmet Respirator

  • The Nova 3 Blast Helmet is the industry #1 for operator comfort
  • Has comfort padding inside like a motorcycle helmet, which means it distributes the weight evenly, and also turns with your head
  • Gives up to 20dB noise attenuation
  • NIOSH Safety Approval with a 1000 APF (assigned protection factor)
  • Sold as a complete kit with the following variations: 

    • Cape Options: 

      • Standard Length Nylon Cape
      • Extended Nylon Cape
      • Standard Leather Cape
      • Extended Leather Cape
      • XL Blast Jacket
      • XXL Blast Jacket 
    • Climate Options: 

      • Supplied air offers: 

        • C40 Heating and Cooling
        • Cool Air Tube
        • Hot Air Tube
        • Air Control Valve
      • PAPR offers: 

        • Air Control Valve only
        • (PAPR version is intended for low dust applications such as pot tending, inspection, etc.)
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by RPB Safety

Heavy Duty Media Inlet Nipple

  • 1-1/4″ Heavy Duty Media Inlet Nipple with increased abrasion resistance
  • Connects Metering Valve to Blast Pot
  • Suits all Schmidt Abrasive Blast Pots, and any other vessel with a 1 1/4″ NPT Metering Valve Ports

VBSII Muffler Kit for Pressure-Hold Blast Pots

  • Industrial-Grade Muffler for Manual Blow-Down (Pressure-hold) Blast Pots with Thompson valve or TeraValve
  • Safer and much longer lasting than ‘throw-away’ mufflers
  • Reduces blow-down noise to approximately 110 dB
  • Intercepts abrasive that may otherwise escape when depressurizing
  • Sold as a Field-Installable Retrofit Kit including;
    • VBS II Exhaust Muffler
    • Mounting Bracket (Goes on blast pot leg)
    • Blowdown Hose Assembly
    • Ball Valve and required fittings
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Axxiom Manufacturing/Schmidt
  • Also available for Pressure-Release pots here

High Production Blasting Trailer

  • Dual Wheeled Trailer Mounted Blasting Package Including
    • BMS6.5 blast machine with Thompson® Valve outlet
    • 400 cfm AirPrep™ Air Dryer
    • 375 cfm 150 psi diesel air compressor
    • Breathing air filter
    • Carbon monoxide alarm
    • Tool box
    • Hose rack
    • Room for 1 skid of abrasive

VBSII Muffler Kit for Pressure-Release Blast Pots

  • Industrial-Grade Muffler for Pressure-Release Blast Pots
  • Safer and much longer lasting than ‘throw-away’ mufflers
  • Reduces blow-down noise to approx. 110 dB.
  • Intercepts abrasive that may otherwise escape when depressurizing
  • Sold as a Field-Installable Retrofit Kit including;
    • VBS II Exhaust Muffler
    • Mounting Bracket (Attaches to Combo Valve)
    • Any required fittings
    • Does not include a new Blow Down hose
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Axxiom Manufacturing/Schmidt
  • Note:  This muffler comes standard on Schmidt combo-micro blast pots from BlastOne.
  • Also available for Pressure-Hold systems here

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