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Schmidt® Air Prep Deliquescent Desiccant Air Dryer

Elevate your production blasting with the Schmidt® AirPrep Deliquescent Desiccant Air Dryer, an industry-standard moisture removal system that uses Deliquescent tablets to absorb moisture for cooler, drier blasting. Experience enhanced efficiency, including 15% faster blasting, while saving on abrasive costs, all achieved through this rugged, skid-mounted system. Tailored to your needs with a range of sizes based on your compressor’s CFM, this galvanized desiccant tank ensures easy maintenance and longevity, promising optimal performance even in high humidity environments and temperature fluctuations.

  • The Premium Industry Standard Air Dryer
  • Uses Deliquescent tablets to absorb moisture from the blasting air
  • Pneumatic Fan motor with Easy Maintenance
  • Galvanized Desiccant Tank lasts 5x longer then all competition
  • Select size based on the CFM of your compressor
  • Come fitted with 4-claw fittings
  • 5 year warranty
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt® / Axxiom Manufacturing
  • ACSD250 / ADS250, ACSD400 / ADS400, ACSD750 / ADS750, ACSD950 / ADS950, ACSD1200  / ADS1200, ACSD1600 / ADS1600

DeVilbiss DAD 500 3 Stage Air Filtration System

Avoid costly redo’s in auto body or other fine finish painting applications with the DeVilbiss 3-stage compressed air filter / air dryer.

Eliminates moisture and dirt in air lines.  Install at the point of use.

Also includes a ½” ball valve shut-off for easy maintenance.

Repair Kit for Air Motor Kit for 1200 Air Dryer

Revitalize your AirPrep Air Motor AC130012003 for 8AM (ACS1200 and ADS1200) with the Fan Motor Repair Kit for 1200 Air Dryer (SKU: AC130012099). Complete with 4 vanes, seals, and bearings, ensuring optimal motor performance.

  • Designed exclusively for AirPrep Air Motor AC130012003 8AM (ACS1200 and ADS1200).
  • Complete repair solution with 4 vanes, seals, and bearings.
  • Premium-quality components for a full motor overhaul.
  • Ideal for restoring optimal fan motor performance.
  • Available as a comprehensive kit for user convenience.

Air Motor for ACS950 and ADS950

The Air Motor for ACS950 and ADS950 (SKU: AC130009003) is designed to enhance the performance of Schmidt Air Dryers. Pneumatically operated with 4 vanes, it optimally drives the aftercooler fan. Sold individually.

  • Custom-made for Schmidt Air Dryers ACS950 and ADS950.
  • Efficiently drives the aftercooler fan.
  • Pneumatically operated with 4 durable vanes.
  • Reversible functionality for extended motor life.
  • Net weight of 24 lbs for robust performance.
  • Sold individually for user convenience.

Schmidt AirPrep™ Air Motor

The Schmidt AirPrep™ Air Motor (SKU: AC130004003) is designed specifically for Schmidt® Air Dryers ACS and ADS. This 4-vaned pneumatic motor powers the aftercooler fan, ensuring optimal performance. Sold individually.

  • Specifically designed for Schmidt® Air Dryers ACS and ADS (250, 400, 750cfm).
  • Drives the aftercooler fan with 4 pneumatic vanes.
  • Reversible function for enhanced durability.
  • Net weight of 12 lbs.
  • Sold individually for your convenience.
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AirPrep Deliquescent Refill Tablets

  • Suits the AirPrep ADS Series
  • Replacement deliquescent tablets to refill an air dryer.
  • Also referred to as desiccant tablets
  • Hard, white tablets can absorb up to 4 times their own weight in water!
  • Comes in 50 lb bags, 40 bags per pallet

Air Motor for ACS1200

Elevate your Schmidt Air Dryers ACS1200 ADS1200 with the dedicated Air Motor for ACS1200 (SKU: AC130012003). Pneumatically operated with 4 vanes, it efficiently drives the aftercooler fan. Available individually.

  • Perfectly compatible with Schmidt Air Dryers ACS1200 and ADS1200 – 1200cfm.
  • Efficiently drives the aftercooler fan with pneumatic operation.
  • Features 4 durable, reversible vanes for consistent performance.
  • Sturdy build with a net weight of 28 lbs.
  • Sold individually for your procurement needs.

Air Motor for ACS1600 ADS1600 AirPrep™ system

Optimize your Schmidt® Air Dryers ACS1600 ADS1600 with the Air Motor for ACS1600 ADS1600 AirPrep™ system (SKU: AC130016003). Featuring 8 pneumatic vanes, it powers the aftercooler fan with precision. Available individually.

  • Exclusively crafted for Schmidt® Air Dryers ACS1600 and ADS1600 – 1600cfm.
  • Pneumatically operated motor with 8 efficient vanes.
  • Reversible feature for prolonged motor lifespan.
  • Sturdy design with a net weight of 28 lbs.
  • Sold individually to cater to your specific needs.

High Capacity Portable Moisture Separator

Built by Schmidt®, these moisture separators are available in multiple versions as follows:

  • Size
    • 800 or 1600 CFM capacity
  • Configuration
    • Stationary or Portable (with handle, axle  & wheels)
  • Fittings
    • Built with 2″ NPT ports on both Inlet and Outlet, these can be equipped with your choice of Spud or 4-claw fittings, ball valves, splitters, etc.

Note:  Fittings are optional and must be ordered separately.  See You May Also Like below.

1/2″ Filter/Regulator/Lubricator

Boost your 400cfm Schmidt® AirPrep™ Air Dryer’s efficiency with the 1/2″ Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (SKU: ACFRL13400MP) by Master Pneumatic®. This FRL unit combines MP165 filter/regulator and MP167 lubricator for optimal performance.

  • 1/2″ Filter/Regulator/Lubricator designed exclusively for Schmidt® AirPrep™ 400cfm Air Dryers.
  • Features both MP165 filter/regulator and MP167 lubricator for a comprehensive air system care.
  • Manufactured by the esteemed Master Pneumatic® brand.
  • Master Pneumatic® specializes in a wide range of FRL combinations, catering to various applications.
  • A crucial addition for maximizing the efficiency and lifespan of your air dryer systems.

1/2″ Filter/Regulator/Lubricator

Experience enhanced air dryer performance with the 1/2″ Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (SKU: ACFRL131600MP) by Master Pneumatic®. Perfectly tailored for 750cfm – 1,600cfm Schmidt® AirPrep™ systems, including both MP160 filter/regulator and MP125 lubricator.

  • 1/2″ Filter/Regulator/Lubricator tailored for Schmidt® AirPrep™ systems ranging from 750cfm to 1,600cfm.
  • Incorporates both MP160 filter/regulator and MP125 lubricator for comprehensive care.
  • Quality assurance from the renowned Master Pneumatic® brand.
  • Master Pneumatic® offers an extensive range of FRL combinations to cater to diverse applications.
  • An essential add-on for maximizing the longevity and efficiency of your air systems.

Sponge-Jet Moisture Separator Tank / Air Manifold (Air Pig)

When the primary air dryer is located at a distance from the blast pot, secondary moisture removal becomes critical.  The Sponge-Jet moisture separation tank is ideal for this application.  Includes the following:

  • Handle for easy portability
  • Spud / BOSS blast hose fitting
  • Multiple sized ball valves & couplings

Note:  Customization is available if specific sizes are needed.

Due to our distribution agreement with Sponge-Jet, pricing is not shown on our website.  Contact us for fast, competitive pricing or send in the web form quote request.

Schmidt® AirPrep™ Aftercooler Moisture Removal Systems

Maximize your blasting efficiency with Schmidt® AirPrep™ Aftercooler Moisture Removal Systems, engineered for superior performance even in high humidity environments or critical applications. Utilizing an over-sized radiator for optimal flow and cooling, this rugged system features a stainless steel coalescing demister pad, ensuring non-restrictive, effective moisture removal, and requiring no replacement elements. Built to last, the Schmidt® AirPrep™ enhances production by allowing up to 15% faster blasting and reducing abrasive expenditure, thanks to its negligible pressure loss design and efficient moisture elimination.


  • The Premium Industry Standard AirDryer
  • Uses Aftercooler design to cool the air for maximum moisture removal
  • Removes 90% of the moisture in the blasting air
  • Pneumatic Fan motor mean you don’t need electricity to run this onsite
  • Size based on the size of your compressor
  • Suitable for warm weather or indoor use
  • Genuine Schmidt® Products – Guaranteed to Perform!

Squat Aftercooler AirDryer System

Enhance your blasting operations with the Squat Aftercooler AirDryer System, a compact, industry-standard moisture removal solution designed to increase blasting speed by up to 15%. Leveraging an Aftercooler design for optimum cooling, this system effectively removes moisture, saving on abrasive costs, and comes in sizes tailored to your compressor capacity. Rugged, portable, and equipped with a stainless steel demister pad for effective moisture removal, the Squat Aftercooler AirDryer System is built for high performance in high humidity and varied temperature environments.

  • The Industry Standard AirDryer
  • Squat Compact Design
  • Uses Aftercooler design to cool the air for maximum moisture removal
  • Pneumatic Fan motor
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Size based on the size of your compressor
  • ACS250Squat – Rated to 250 cfm (good for 1x #6 blast nozzle)
  • ACS400Squat – Rated to 400 cfm (good for 1x #7 blast nozzles
  • ACS750Squat – Rated to 750 cfm (good for 2 blasters)
  • ACS950Squat – Rated to 950 cfm (good for 2 blasters or occasionally 3)
  • This unit will perform best when used in climates where the ambient temperature is above 50°F. Not recommended for use in climates that freeze. Recommend P-ACSD.

Blast and Vacuum Recovery System

  • This Blast and Vacuum BRS system is built for high production vacuum blasting work.
  • The Vacuum system, blast machine and airdryer are all mounted to one skid.
  • The abrasive does not recycle which is ideal when you have very low dust requirements or when your specification calls for the use of virgin abrasive only.
  • This system is 100% pnuematic and does not require any electrical power.
  • Blast Pot capacity is 3.5 cuft.
  • Blast upto 60 sqft / 6 sqm per hour
  • Requires 750cfm of air

SupaMega Bulk Blaster Blast Machine with In-built AirPrep™


  • Specified capacity 160 cu ft / 4500 liters
  • Manufactured by Schmidt to BlastOne unique specifications
  • Garnet abrasive capacity – 23800 lbs / 10.8 tonne
  • 1600 cfm Airprep™ mounted directly on the front of the MegaBlaster
  • Comes with 2 Thompson® Valve metering valves, up to 4 outlets possible
  • Skid or Trailer Mounted
  • Hybrid Bulk Blaster with built-in Air Dryer

Mega Blaster Bulk Blast Machine

Production work-horse for big dry-blast projects!  Save time and money when doing large projects.

  • Industrial Quality & Design – Manufactured by Schmidt to BlastOne specifications
    • Long-life TeraValve metering valves – typically 4-outlets
    • High flow plumbing virtually eliminates pressure drop
  • Huge abrasive capacity – Up to 160 cubic foot (aka 8 ton pot) holds half a truckload of garnet!
  • Flexible configuration – Available with:
    • Highway Trailer
    • Yard Trailer
    • Skid mount
    • Shipping Legs (for mounting on your own equipment)
  • Latest Generation Safety features
    • Halok closure – impossible to open under pressure
    • CEN muffler – reduces noise AND prevents freeze-up
    • Anti-slip ladder rungs
  • Available Performance Enhancing Options
    • Bulk Bag Loading Rack – enhances safety while loading
    • Hybrid – attached dryer saves space & setup time
    • Vacuum loading – saves wait time for cranes where forklift loading of abrasive is prohibited
    • Hour meters – management tool monitors nozzle time

Favorite for use with the VertiDrive robots! Rent or purchase.  

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | Free Return | 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

Note:  Designed to be used with a 1600 CFM dryer, available here.

Mist Blaster® Wet/Dry 6.5CF Blast Machine Options

Updated and enhanced! BlastOne has refreshed its highly successful MistBlaster® and has released the latest generation with even more capability!

What HAS NOT changed:

  • Industry-Leading Flexibility. 
    • The MistBlaster® is a true dry blaster with the added capability of being the best wet blaster on the market. It is not a limited-purpose dustless / slurry blaster that will sit around gathering dust most days.
  • Water and Abrasive flow is separately adjustable. Maximizes production while keeping cleanup to a minimum.
  • Reliable design.  Uses the latest generation TeraValve® metering valve on the popular 6.5CF pot chassis.
  • Abrasive choice.  Will work with most abrasives in dry mode. In wet mode, garnet or crushed glass are recommended.

What HAS changed:

  • Enhanced functionality. 4 functions are built into the control panel (Dry Blast, Wet Blast, Wash Down, and now Blow Down)
  • Controls flexibility.  The dual deadman control system is now set up to operate either electrically or pneumatically.
  • High-Flow piping.  Air pressure regulator has been deleted and piping has been upgraded to increase nozzle pressure.

All 6.5 c.f. MistBlasters include the following as standard:

  • Single outlet TeraValve® abrasive metering valve
  • Dual electric / pneumatic controls, including deadman handle and control line
  • Industrial-strength Schmidt® VBS II Muffler

Configuration Options:

  • Wheel version – Stand-alone unit, portable configuration
  • Skid version – Stand-alone unit, mounted on a steel skid.
  • Combo Skid versions, save setup time and storage space. Available in the following configurations:
    • Combo Skid 400 cfm Dryer Options as follows: 
      • Deliquescent type (4-season / highest efficiency)
      • Aftercooler Squat type (3-season / less effective in cooler temperatures)
      • No Dryer
      • Note: Unlike dedicated slurry-type blasters, the MistBlaster is designed around a standard dry vessel.  A stand-alone air dryer is required in order to realize a full return on your investment.
    • Combo Skid Mounting Options as follows: 
      • Steel Skid
      • Steel Skid with Frame
    • Combo Skid Breathing Air Packages as follows: 
      • With Breathing Air Station (breathing air filter, carbon monoxide alarm, and 50′ breathing air line)
      • Without Breathing Air Station
    • Note:  All Combo Skid configurations include an Air Manifold with spare air ports and a 50-gallon tank.
  • Retrofit version:  Save money by retrofitting your existing 6.5 pot (must be structurally sound).  Available in wheel or skid configurations and includes all standard MistBlaster features.

Available for Purchase or Rental. Ask about a demo!

Additional details shown under the description tab.

High Production Blasting Trailer

  • Dual Wheeled Trailer Mounted Blasting Package Including
    • BMS6.5 blast machine with Thompson® Valve outlet
    • 400 cfm AirPrep™ Air Dryer
    • 375 cfm 150 psi diesel air compressor
    • Breathing air filter
    • Carbon monoxide alarm
    • Tool box
    • Hose rack
    • Room for 1 skid of abrasive

Sponge-Jet B-Vac Pro™ 4 Integrated Sponge Blasting System Package

The Sponge-Jet B-Vac Pro is a premium system that integrates the 3 essential processes of sponge blasting into a single unit.  It is designed to reduce space requirements and deployment time, and is the most popular Sponge-Jet integrated system.  Due to it’s built-in vacuum system, it reduces the personnel need by 1 person, which makes it price-competitive on jobs of 4+ days duration.  Available for purchase or rent.

Selected features include:

  • Feed Unit.  Large capacity pneumatic 470-SJ model with up to 2 hours blasting time.
  • Recycler.  Pneumatic 50-P recycler with up-sized screen for faster processing.
  • Vacuum.  With 11 inches of mercury, this powerful vacuum will transport up to 18 lbs of media per minute.
  • Lifting frame.  Rugged design allows this 6500 lb unit to be transported by forklift or crane.  Built in ladder included.
  • Other features.  Includes pressure relief valve, high-capacity muffler, secondary moisture separator, and more.
  • Selected Options.
    • 55-gallon drop-out drum, which when positioned in-line with the vacuum system, reduces the dust loading on the vacuum filter.
    • Stand-alone moisture separator. Excellent for use when the primary air dryer is at a distance from the blasting unit.

Note:  Due to our distribution agreement with Sponge-Jet, pricing is not shown on our website.  Contact us for fast, competitive pricing or send in the web-form quote request.

160 CF Mega MistBlaster Blast Machine, 4-Outlet

Our latest generation Mega MistBlaster offers both wet and dry blasting for the ultimate in flexibility!  It reduces costs and time when doing large projects and offers the following:

  • Versatility.  4 functions available at the flip of a switch:
    • MistBlasting / Wet (slurry) Blasting
    • Traditional Dry Blasting
    • Wash-down mode
    • Blow-off mode
    • Each outlet is independently controlled, giving even greater versatility.
  • Capability.  With its 4 outlets, this workhorse can power up to 4 operators OR a VertiDrive robotic blaster and manual blasting simultaneously.
  • Huge capacity – As typically configured with 160 cubic feet (aka 8 Ton), this bulk pot holds half a truckload of garnet.
  • Mount Options as follows:
    • Highway Trailer
    • Skid Mount
    • Shipping Legs (for mounting on your own equipment)
  • Available Cost Saving Option – We can convert your existing Schmidt® Dry bulk pot with to our Mega MistBlaster with our retrofit package. Available as a Limited version (without metering / air valves, for new pots) or as a Full version (with all valves, for used pots).

More options and features shown under the description tab. Available for Purchase or Rental. Ask about a demo! Note: Designed for use with a 1600 CFM dryer, available here.

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