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Calico Spray Hood for Spray Painting

  • Soft Comfortable Calico fabric Paint hood
  • Keeps the dust and overspray out of your hair and neck
  • Low cost, disposable design
  • Elastic face opening
  • Sold as a pack of 10 hoods

Stretch Head Sock for Spray Painting

  • Comfortable elastic stretch fabric designed for Painters and Blasters
  • Can be worn three ways (over nose, under nose, under chin)
  • Close fitting design, ideal for wearing underneath a blast helmet or spray hood
  • Helps keep the blast helmet more hygienic, by capturing body sweat
  • Sold as a pack of 10 hoods
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by RPB Safety

RPB T-Link Respirator

The T-Link Respirator is a robust and highly flexible solution for industrial painters, designed with safety in mind. The T-Link is one of the GVS / RPB family of loose-fitting respirators designed especially for coating applications.  These offer the following advantages over traditional close-fitting masks:

  • Safer.  Much more protection from respiratory hazards, with an Assigned Protection Factor of 1000+, due to its positive pressure design. (The typical N95 masks rating is only 10)
  • More User-Friendly.  Facial hair is OK – no need to be clean shaven.
  • Saves time and money.  The hassles and expense of annual fit-testing are eliminated.
  • More comfortable.  Several ventilation options available to keep operators productive during temperature extremes.

These RPB respirators are truly an investment in your people and are expected to improve employee retention. Configure your T-Link to meet your specific needs, as follows:

  • Ventilation system choices:
    • Supplied Air / Constant Flow valve
    • Supplied Air / C40 Heat/Cool climate control
    • PAPR / PX5
    • PAPR / HX5
  • Head suspension choices:
    • Bump Cap
    • Hard Hat
  • Cape choices:
    • Tychem 2000 Full Hood
    • Tychem 4000 Full Hood w/Sealed Seams

In addition, T-Link respirators have optional performance-enhancing accessories available, as follows:

The T-Link from GVS / RPB is to painters what the Nova respirators are to blasters.  Not sure?  Contact us to discuss a trial.

Bullard CC20 Tychem 2000 Double Bib for Hard Hat

The Bullard 20TIC Hood is specifically designed for use with hard hats, airline systems, or Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) blower assemblies. Crafted from Tychem QC for robust splash protection against a spectrum of chemical agents, this hood is ideal for applications in chemical/pesticide handling, spray painting/coating, and nuclear operations. Featuring a wide-angle lens for unparalleled visibility, a patented inflatable neck cuff for enhanced comfort and protection, and NIOSH certification, this durable yet economical hood meets the rigorous demands of industrial environments.

  • Compatible with hard hats, PAPR, or Supplied Air Respiratory Systems
  • Made from Tychem QC for superior chemical splash protection
  • Wide-angle lens for industry-leading visibility
  • Patented inflatable neck cuff design for comfort and airflow
  • Reusable yet economical for varied application needs
  • NIOSH certified for safety and reliability

Replacement Tyvek® Hoods for RPB Spray Respirators

When your RPB coating respirators need refreshed, we have the parts you need.  This group includes the replacement Tyvek® capes/hoods.

  • For both T-Link and T200 versions:
    • Tychem® 2000 Full-Length Hood, MPN 17-712
    • Tychem® 4000 Full-Length Hood w/sealed seams, MPN 17-713
    • Tychem® 4000 Extra-Long Hood w/sealed seams, double-bib, and waist straps.  MPN 17-713-SX
  • For T200 version only:
    • Tychem® 2000 Face Seal, MPN 17-722
    • Tychem® 2000 Face Seal w/Shoulder-Length hood, MPN 17-732
  • For legacy T100 version only:
    • Tychem® 4000 Full-Length Hood w/ sealed seams, MPN 07-150

How do Tychem® 2000 and 4000 materials compare?

  • Tychem® 2000 is rated for light liquid splash applications and protects against over 40 chemicals.  This version is most commonly used in industrial painting applications.
  • Tychem® 4000 is also rated for light liquid splash applications and protects against over 100 chemicals.  RPB constructs their 4000 hoods with sealed seams for even greater protection.

Note:  Keep your vision clear during coating projects by using an appropriate  RPB Tear-Away Lens System.

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RPB / GVS Spray Hood Replacement Lenses

Easy Tear-away protection for RPB Spray Hood Respirator lenses.

Available options as follows:

  • Single Tear-away lenses.  These are the most economical versions for standard industrial coatings applications.  These options comes in the following configurations:
    • Full length for all T-Links and for T200’s with full-length capes.
    • Shorter version designed for the legacy T100 model, but which will work on all RPB spray hoods that do not have the optional in-helmet light.
  • Cassette Lens system.  These are premium versions, designed for maximum clarity and convenience.  On time-critical spray projects, cassette lenses save valuable time by eliminating the need to stop and change lenses. These come 7 lenses per set, with 10 sets per pack as follows:
    • Full length for all T-Links and for T200’s with full-length capes.
    • Shorter version for T200’s with face seal or any version not using the optional in-helmet light.

NOTE – the shorter versions will not cover the bottom of the lens area on the T200/T-Link full hoods, and should not be used when the optional light is used on the T-Link.

3M™ Disposable Protective Coverall 4545 – XXL

For protection against hazardous dusts and particulates, the 3M™ Disposable Protective Coveralls 4545 offer the quality and long-lasting comfort your workers value when working in challenging conditions

  • Microporous PE laminate construction for Type 5 and Type 6 protection
  • Anti-static treatment reduces static build up
  • Reinforced gusset translates to increased durability while bending and squatting
  • Knit cuffs provide increased comfort versus elastic closures
  • 20 units included in each case

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