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More often than not, contractors and project managers are “guesstimating” or going off of their gut feelings when making decisions.
We often will say things along the lines of:

  • We got roughly 17 panels done
  • We blasted for about 5 hours today.
  • We put maybe 12 pails of paint on today.
  • We put around 4 bags of sand into the pot.

At least the above examples are a little more specific, but it can get worse. Have you ever given (or received) any of the below responses when the Project Manager asks a Foreman about the day:

  • It went pretty well, completed more than yesterday.
  • It was a tough day today, hopefully tomorrow will be better.
  • We got a good chunk of the tank blasted today.

When it comes to data recording, these responses are simply not practical. In order to be successful, contractors need specific daily metrics, not estimates.

The project manager can get a grasp on what exactly is happening each day, even when he is not on the work site. The project manager will build trust between the site supervisor and the workers.

This will not only result in a project that is completed successfully, but will also create more profits. The blasters and painters are also held accountable in this situation, and will score better jobs in the future.

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