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History of Garnet Abrasive

Since the discovery of a large deposit at Port Gregory, Western Australia in the late 80’s, BlastOne has worked closely with Garnet Millers Australia (GMA Garnet) to promote Australian Garnet as a safe, productive and economical alternative to Silica Sand and Waste Slag Abrasives.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?
Initially we had trouble even giving the stuff (Garnet) away for free.

Since 1988 BlastOne has spent millions of dollars working with thousands of blasting contractors to help them prove, at our expense, that Australian Garnet is a safe, productive and economical alternative to sand and slag abrasives.

But what is just so special about Australian GMA Garnet?


Even for an ‘Old Hand’, there’s a lot more to a World Class Abrasive (Australian Garnet) than meets the eye.
Did you know?

Australian GMA Garnet grains have been subjected to a double erosion process? Unlike most Garnet formed on other continents (India), the Australian Garnet material has been subjected to a second era of high energy stream, beach and then high wind environments. The result is a tougher and more durable grain which gives off lower dust levels. Far from bucketing ‘pink sand scooped from a pit’, Australian GMA Garnet is passed through no less than all of these nine separation processes before reaching the Packing Stage.

Abrasive Media Selection Guide

The Process behind the purity of GMA Garnet

This process removes Silica Sand, Ilmenite and Rutile.

A washing process to carry off any unwanted light material.

In this process rubber paddles ‘beat’ the Garnet grains together to remove any Calcium from the Crystals.

A long machine which double washes the material with water piped from 13 springs.

In a Kiln Drier to remove any organic or bacterial substances.

To remove unwanted dust from the dried abrasive.

With very large rare earth magnets.

At a grade sizing to ensure you receive the right blend for maximum blasting speed and minimum abrasive consumption.

For every hour of production.

For dispatch to local and international markets.

Did you know?

Australian GMA Garnet has lower levels of soluble salts than any other Garnet in the world?

This is a key reason why may players prefer Australian GMA Garnet. Soluble salts in Australian GMA Garnet average 5-10 ppm. (The ISO Standard requires less than 25 ppm).

GMA has a traceable analysis of every tonne?

There is a label on every Bulk Bag. This Batch Number relates to a sample of material at the Lab.
By using this Reference Number we can give you a Chloride and Sieve Analysis on any Bulk Bag of Garnet within 24 hours complete accountability.

I would like to recommend the use of Australian Garnet for future project that entail sandblasting.
David Maag, PCS Nitrogen, Lima, Ohio, USA

GMA Garnet – making the tough jobs easy

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