Blast and Vacuum Recovery System

Blast and Vacuum Recovery System

  • This Blast and Vacuum BRS system is built for high production vacuum blasting work.
  • The Vacuum system, blast machine and airdryer are all mounted to one skid.
  • The abrasive does not recycle which is ideal when you have very low dust requirements or when your specification calls for the use of virgin abrasive only.
  • This system is 100% pnuematic and does not require any electrical power.
  • Blast Pot capacity is 3.5 cuft.
  • Blast upto 60 sqft / 6 sqm per hour
  • Requires 750cfm of air
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Blast and Vacuum Recovery System


Discover the VRS3 Blast and Vacuum Recovery System, designed to provide excellent productivity for your blasting needs. Utilizing a 3.5 cu.ft. pressurized blast pot, this system allows for impressive blasting rates of up to 60 ft2/6 m2.

The VRS3 prevents contamination of the blasted surface by not recycling waste abrasive. Experience the dual convenience of simultaneous blasting and vacuuming, eliminating dust clouds, costly clean-up, and improving visibility. The VRS3's independent dual functions remove the need for additional equipment on site, and the system is 100% powered by compressed air, requiring no electric power.

Key Features:
  • The VRS3 makes high-production vacuum blasting achievable.
  • Often used for spot blasting or hazardous coating removal.
  • Vacuum system, blast machine, and air dryer mounted on a single skid.
  • Non-recycling abrasive for low dust requirements or virgin abrasive only.
  • Specifically designed for use with garnet.
  • 100% pneumatic operation, no electrical power needed.
  • Project viability depends on a relatively flat work surface.
  • Successful operation requires maintaining a tight seal of the workhead on the work surface.
  • 3.5 cu.ft. blast pot capacity.
  • Blasts up to 60 sq.ft. / 6 sq.m per hour.
  • Requires 750cfm of air.
  • Various workheads available for different surface types.
The VRS3 Blast and Vacuum Recovery System is perfect for projects where encapsulation is not feasible or cost-effective. Vacuum blasting with the VRS3 reduces encapsulation to the width of the workhead, making it ideal for spot-blasting projects or hazardous coating removal.

The workhead contains dust, and the unit is equipped with HEPA filters to prevent hazardous materials from being released into the atmosphere. Designed for easy relocation, all VRS3 components are mounted on a single skid, with fork pockets allowing for lifting with a forklift or crane. The VRS3 is specifically engineered for use with garnet and has a compressed air requirement of 750cfm.

To ensure successful operation, the system depends on the operator's ability to maintain a tight seal of the workhead on the work surface and a relatively flat work surface for project viability. Various workheads are available for the VRS3 Blast and Vacuum Recovery System, including straight right-angled and internal and external corners, catering to a wide range of surface types. Enhance your blasting projects with the VRS3's high-performance capabilities and experience the difference.
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