Vecloader 721 Trailer Mounted Vacuum – Diesel Powered


  • Available for Purchase or Rent
  • 235HP T4 Diesel Engine
  • 3660 CFM, 28″ static pressure
  • Mounted on 3-axle road legal trailer
  • Will convey between 15-20 tons of abrasive per hour
  • Primary Filtration – Coated Bags, pulse air cleaned
  • Secondary Filtration – Pleated Cartridge
  • Max Vacuum hose 6″
  • Empty weight 13,950lbs
  • Dimensions 21′ L x 8’2.5″ W x 11’4″ H


Our most powerful vacuum unit available. Large 235 HP diesel engine powers the tri-lobe Roots blower to create a near complete
vacuum. Commonly used by contractors blasting with expendable media.

Has 3,660CFM and 28” HG of suction and the cyclone/dust collector is hydraulically raised to allow loading of waste material into bulk bags or into a dumpster.

*Performance figures are based upon steel grit collection at 200 feet distances. Many factors impact vacuum productivity

Document Downloads

VecLoader Manual 082117

HT755 Op Maint Manual