Blastman Blasting Robots for Blastroom applications

  • Robots made by Blastman Robotics specifically for Blastroom applications
  • Available as 4-Axis, 7-Axis or 8-Axis.
  • Available as Wall Mount or Gantry Mount
  • Optional Man cabin for manual blasting which can come mounted on the blasting arm, or as a separate cabin
  • 20+ years of installation and robotic experience
  • Read here for more pictures of Blastman Blasting Robots

Blastman Blasting Robots for Blastroom applications


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Typical industrial abrasive robotic systems require fixed, purpose-built infrastructure to operate. This level of infrastructure investment means that blasting robots are mostly used in mass manufacturing settings, such as railcar, steel fabrication, and automotive industries. BlastOne specializes in designing, building and commissioning blasting facilities to provide custom solutions for our customer’s corrosion control needs. BlastOne has teamed up with Blastman Robotics to provide several robotic blasting options for our clients. Each blasting robot can be custom fit to each facility based on applications needs. Contact us to begin the discussion on which robotic solution can most benefit your business.