Ship Module Blast Room

  • Custom designed blasting and painting facilities, sized as large as application requires
  • Ideal for new construction and repair, for vessels of all type and size
  • Available configurations:
    • Hybrid blast/paint hall – single hall for both operations at different times
    • 2 separate halls – each single-purpose hall dedicated to blasting or painting
  • Available with completely controllable environmental conditions to meet required specifications
  • Compatible with abrasive recovery and recycling equipment with many available configurations

Ship Module Blast Room

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These blast and paint facilities are specifically designed for those involved in ship or boat manufacturing or repair. They are ideal for those who are interested in recycling sandblasting abrasive and wish to better control the environmental conditions around their sandblasting or painting operations. Applications vary in size and type of work being done.

Smaller booths are ideal for boat shops who want to migrate any sandblasting/painting operations into a more controlled environment. Other booths are designed and assembled to accommodate blasting and painting segments of large ships, including merchant vessels and capital defense vessels.

In most cases, our clients erect their own dedicated structure, which BlastOne configures to meet all the requirements and needs for blasting and painting—either as separate chambers for each process or as a single, hybrid blast/paint hall.

Airflow management is among the most critical features of these booths. BlastOne’s proprietary ventilation design is rigorously engineered to maximize efficiency in the volume of air movement within these larger halls and facilities, which, in turn, reduces heating and de-humidification requirements to remain within specifications and regulatory requirements.

These air flow control measures are proven to reduce the overall energy costs of these operations and streamline sandblasting and painting production uptime.

Every booth is a custom design, precisely engineered to meet the production requirements and needs of each site. They provide the necessary environmental stability for production in any weather conditions, and they can be outfitted with a wide variety of abrasive handling and recycling equipment.