Typical industrial sandblasting automated & robotic blasting equipment require fixed, purpose-built infrastructure to operate. This level of infrastructure investment means that automated sandblasting robots are mostly used in mass manufacturing settings, such as railcar, steel fabrication, and automotive industries.

BlastOne specializes in designing, building and commissioning robotic sandblasting facilities to provide custom solutions for our customer’s corrosion control needs. BlastOne has teamed up with Blastman Robotics to provide several options for our clients. Each blasting robot can be custom fit to each facility based on applications needs. Contact us to begin the discussion on which solution can most benefit your business.

Robotic Range

B16CX Wall Mounted Robot

The Blastman B16CX Blasting Robot is a wall mounted robot which has a 7-axis arm and a man cabin. This robot is often used in manual blasting applications and for blasting non-repetitive objects. This blasting robot has additional functionality to record a manual blasting procedure, save it as a program, and then use it for future automated applications.

B12s Wall Mounted Robot

The Blastman B12S is developed for blasting tubular work pieces, such as sections of wind turbine towers. The wall mounted robot arm moves in the longitudinal direction of the blast room. The delivery typically includes rotation of the work piece for fully automatic operation.

B16XS Wall Mounted Robot

The Blastman B16XS is the traditional wall mounted abrasive blast cleaning robot. The slim frame of the robot allows for better movement in smaller workspaces and easier retrofit installations. One robot on each side wall of the chamber enable extremely high production rates and full blasting coverage.

B20CS Gantry Robot

Blastman B20CS includes B20S robot and an additional control cabin with a separate gantry, both bridges move as an overhead crane. The cabin can be independently rotated and moved vertically to grant the operator superior visibility all around the blast room. From the air-conditioned, dust- and sound-proof cabin, the operator has clear line of sight of the workpiece when programming the robot or when blast cleaning individual workpieces by manual control.

B20CX Gantry Robot

Blastman B20CX is an 8- movement axis overhead crane type robot with a control cabinet attached to extending telescope boom and robot arm to be controlled from the cabin. The robot is designed to replace manual blasting and suits perfectly for non-serial and with automatization possibilities for serial production.

B20S Gantry Robot

Blastman B20S is a overhead crane type robot with telescopic and joint booms. The robot has excellent reach and it can abrasive blast clean into nooks and crannies of any complex shape. It can even reach inside rail cars through windows, manholes on hoppers cars or other holes to blast clean interior surfaces.

B20LWS Gantry Robot

Blastman B20LW is a overhead crane type robot with a simpler boom structure compared to the B20S and 7 movement axis. It is specifically designed for retrofit installations in small abrasive blasting chambers. The robot can be moved around the workpiece to cover it entirely.

MBU Mobile Blasting Unit

The Blastman MBU is movable blasting robot/manipulator with large blasting nozzles and driving mechanism. Blasting is controlled by the operator from control cabinet at the MBU and movements are controlled via joysticks or smart user interface.