Pre-Engineered Economy Blast Rooms

  • Pre-engineered to minimize costs and ensure quick set up
  • Typical max part size (to be blasted): 5’ x 3’ x 8’ (W x H x L)
  • Blasting chamber with set of double-doors
  • Dust tight, high-powered LED lights in ceiling
  • Shovel-in hopper, elevator and air classifier for basic abrasive recovery/recycling
  • Includes abrasive storage hopper and high-performance sandblasting machine
  • Separate personnel side access door (optional)

Pre-Engineered Economy Blast Rooms

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This blast room is a low cost, turnkey solution for sporadic sandblasting of parts that are too large for blast cabinet. Supplied as a bolt-together kit (for quick, self-assembly) that includes the blasting chamber, lighting, basic abrasive recovery system, dust extraction and blasting equipment. It features a set of double opening doors on one end of the chamber that are wide enough to accommodate a standard-sized forklift for material handling.

The booth design is simple enough that most clients can assemble the structure themselves, to be ready for blasting operations within 7 days.

This blast room is ideal for those who occasionally need to blast smaller items, but do not have enough volume to justify a higher production solution. An economy blast booth removes the typical process bottlenecks and production schedule headaches that result from outsourced sandblasting.

These blast rooms are typically intended for a single operator blasting components smaller than a shipping pallet, between 5-10 hours/week. Standard dimensions for the booth start at 8’ x 8’ x 10’ (W x H x L).

Due to its modular design, the booth size can be modified to meet specifications of the customer to fit the size of the components to be blasted and available floor space: booth width and height can be enlarged in increments of 2’, the structure’s length by units of 5’