Industrial Workshop Blast Rooms

  • High quality, acoustically insulated steel sandwich panel construction
  • Ideal for consistent blasting production (1 operator, 20-40 hrs/week)
  • Various material handling options: product carts, forklift loading, manual handling
  • Partial or Full-floor abrasive recovery system
  • Airwash abrasive cleaner for grit recycling with vibrating screen for trash removal
  • Reverse pulse cartridge dust collector
  • Typical size ranging from:
    • 10’ W x 10’ H x 10’ L (small)
    • 22’ W x 22’ H x 100’ L (large)

Industrial Workshop Blast Rooms

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This blast room is designed as solution for a moderate abrasive blasting workloads. These are constructed of high-quality insulated panels that drastically reduce the noise generated during blasting operations. This noise reduction feature allows these blast rooms to be installed anywhere within an industrial workshop, even where ear-protection is not employed.

The Industrial workshop blast room is designed to handle consistent levels of blasting from a single operator. It comes in various sizes and configurations to meet the needs of manufacturers and repair shops in various industries. It is usually configured with a single rolling door at the front of the booth, with an optional personnel door on the side. It can be outfitted with additional doors, as well as drive- through access.

The booth also features a proprietary wiper floor abrasive recovery system. This system automatically collects spent grit into a central location for recycling or disposal. The system is available as either a partial or full-floor recovery system. This wiper floor full-floor system is among the most cost-effective of its kind to purchase and install.

The wiper floor recovery system operates under the booth interior’s floor grating but entirely above ground. This means it can be installed in a facility without the need of breaking ground to build trenches into existing concrete flooring. The booth is also outfitted with material handling rails in the booth floor to accommodate moving moderate-to-large pieces into the booth for blasting.

The under-floor abrasive recovery system automatically collects spent grit into a central location for recycling or disposal. The collected abrasive then runs through an airwash abrasive cleaner to sort the fines and dust from the reusable grit. The dust and fine particles are discarded, while the recycled abrasive is funneled into a hopper for reuse.