Combo and Micro Valve System Retrofit Kit

SKU: P-DM2223

  • To replace the valves on your pressure release blast pot
  • Retrofit Kit includes:
    • 1 1/4″ Combo Valve
    • 1 1/4″ MicroValve 3
    • Full pusherline kit
    • All interconnecting hoses
    • Control line strainer and control valve
    • Response deadman handle and Deadman line


This Combo-Micro pressure release retrofit kit is available in either electric or pneumatic.  With the Combo Valve and pressure release capacity it’s a fail-safe design.  With the included manual and all the fittings the system comes with it’s very easy to retrofit to almost any existing blast machine.  Also the nature of the valves on the system means they’re very simple and while very durable, also very simple to service.

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Valve Type

Electric, Pneumatic