Schmidt MicroValve 3 – Abrasive Metering Valve

SKU: P-GV2128
  • Pressure-release deadman control valve i.e., blast machine depressurizes when the deadman handle is released.
  • Used when an overhead hopper automatically feeds abrasive into a blast machine.
  • Rugged stainless steel body, compact, isolated 2-bolt construction.
  • Doubles blast machine refill cycle time.
  • Virtual Position Indicator illustrates orifice size, giving the ability to set abrasive flow quickly and consistently.
  • Set and forget – flow rates stay set where you put them.
  • High wear, rugged plunger seal.
  • Stainless steel body for long life.
  • Improved urethane clean-out port enabling quick removal of obstructions while improving port and valve life.
  • Fit a rebuild kit while the valve is still fitted to the blast machine.
  • Sold individually.
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt / Axxiom Manufacturing

Schmidt MicroValve 3 – Abrasive Metering Valve

SKU: P-GV2128

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The genius of simplicity. Complication is always easier to design than high-performing simplicity. The MicroValve 3 (micro valve) ensures accurate abrasive metering, while being easy to maintain.

The MicroValve 3 is the metering component of a pressure-release deadman system. In this type of deadman system, when the deadman handle is released, the pop-up valve drops opening the pot to the atmosphere and depressurizing it. Simultaneously, the air supply to the pot is closed and blasting ceases. The advantage of this type of system is its simplicity. Simplicity means fewer parts to fail and being easier to work on. Pressure-release systems are also helpful where an overhead hopper automatically feeds into a blast machine. This results in the blast machine refilling with abrasive every time it depressurizes.

Field tests have proven that a potful of abrasive lasts twice as long when metered through a MicroValve 3. A piston moving across the face of an orifice controls abrasive flowing through a MicroValve 3. This provides fine control and the assurance that once set, the metering rate will remain consistent. A Virtual Position Indicator shows accurately on the outside of the valve the size of the opening of the orifice.

With the body being manufactured from stainless steel, the MicroValve 3 is renowned for its durability. Abrasion-resistant and flexible resins are used in the manufacture of MicroValve 3 seals.

Service teams appreciate the ease with which they can maintain the MicroValve 3. A clear-out port allows access for removing most blockages without removing the valve from the blast machine. Fitting a rebuild kit with the valve still mounted on the blast machine is possible.