Schmidt ComboValve® - BlastPot Deadman Control

SKU: DM2223000
  • Combines inlet and exhaust valve functions
  • Full-ported, 1 -¼ (32 mm) thread, inlet side
  • Pneumatic operation requires 60psi to close exhaust valve
  • Rugged, compact, non-corrosive design
  • Simple installation and repair
  • Twin line hose connection
  • Combined position construction
  • Large internal passage for increased blasting abilities

Schmidt ComboValve® - BlastPot Deadman Control

SKU: DM2223000
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The ComboValve is a self-sealing, fail-safe valve that combines the functions of the air inlet valve and blowdown valve. This will eliminate early failure of the blowdown system.

How it works:

When the Deadman control button is pressed, this valve’s piston assembly shifts immediately, opening the air inlet and pinching the blowdown hose closed. This starts the blasting operation.

Key benefits and other details:
None of the usual wear or failures found in other blowdown systems can occur with the ComboValve. This product saves hundreds of dollars when it comes to eliminating extra parts. This product gets rid of the need for abrasive traps, expensive plungers and diaphragms that can require frequent and costly downtime. A blowdown hose can be replaced in a few minutes, and all required services or repairs can safely take place without removing the valve. The ComboValve is very versatile, and works with most brands of blasting equipment, with a simple retrofit. This ComboValve works with 50 to 150 psi, and a large internal air passage eliminates pressure loss.