General Purpose Blast Room


Heavy Duty Blast Room can be designed for use with any steel or heavy machinery manufacturers, refinishing facilities, for oil and gas components, or in job shops. 

The “General Purpose Custom Engineered Blast Rooms and Facilities” (SKU: SBMGS) are heavy-duty, long-term sandblasting solutions. Designed for diverse industrial needs, these rooms feature robust steel panels, advanced abrasive recovery systems, and extensive customizability. Ideal for consistent operations seeking a controlled blasting environment.

General Purpose Blast Room

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This is the standard product offering from BlastOne that fits most large-scale sandblasting needs. It is constructed of high quality, robust interlocking steel panels, these installations are intended to be a long-term solution for those with consistent sandblasting operations who wish to migrate their blasting into a controlled environment.

The General Purpose Blast Room is compatible with all of BlastOne’s proprietary underfloor abrasive recovery systems (partial and full floor systems), which require very little maintenance when compared to other methods and are the most reliable in the industry. These systems automatically collect all fallen grit from the blast room floor and move it to recycling where the good quality grit is sifted from dust and other debris before reuse.

These booths are also compatible with several material handling options—including floor rails or overhead cranes—depending on the production needs. They can also be equipped with personnel access platforms or mounted platforms to allow the sandblasters to safely blast taller production pieces.

Each blast room is custom designed by BlastOne engineers to fit the client’s available floorspace, production demands, and overall best industry practices. It is highly customizable and can be configured in a variety of sizes, ranging from 20 ft to 120 ft long.

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Any typical blasting application can be solved with the BlastOne General Purpose Blast Room.

  • Steel fabricators
  • Truck & trailer manufacturing or refinishing
  • Job shops
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Oil & gas components
  • OEM manufacturers


  • Any size is possible – talk us to about your specific requirements
  • Typical width: 12′ up to 34′ wide (3.6m – 10m)
  • Typical height: 12′ up to 30′ high (3.6m – 9m)
  • Typical length: 30′ up to 100′ long (9m – 30m)
  • 1-4 blasting operators is typical
  • Partial recovery or full floor recovery floor
  • Bucket elevator with airwash for abrasive cleaning
  • Abrasive storage hopper
  • Dry cartridge type Dust Collector standard