GMA GX3 ExtremeBlast Garnet Abrasive

GMA GX3 ExtremeBlast Garnet Abrasive


GMA GX3 ExtremeBlast Garnet Abrasive is  ideal for surfaces requiring a high profile of 3.5 – 4.5 mil, ensures an exceptionally clean surface for superior bonding of specialist coatings. With blasting rates of up to 280 ft²/hr and a recyclability rating of 4/10, it’s perfect for removing resistant coatings, heavy liners, and marine foulings, especially on high build coatings of 30+ mils.

  • High surface profile of 3.5 – 4.5 mil for exceptional coating bonding
  • Impressive blasting rates up to 280 ft²/hr
  • Consumption rate of 2.5 – 3.5 lb/ft²
  • Low to medium dust factor for cleaner operations
  • Available in mesh sizes 16 and 36
  • Packaged in 4400lb bulk bags, sold by the pallet
  • MilSpec Approved for top-grade quality
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GMA GX3 ExtremeBlast Garnet Abrasive

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GMA GX3 ExtremeBlast Garnet Abrasive

Sku: P-GX3

The GMA GX3 ExtremeBlast Garnet Abrasive (P-GX3) is designed for the toughest blasting challenges. This premium abrasive achieves a uniform surface profile of 3.5 - 4.5 mil, making it ideal for TSA preparation, coatings for extreme conditions, and preparing critical components. Its unique blend of alluvial and rock garnets not only removes high build coatings but is also effective against pliable and flexible coatings including coal tar, inner liners, and certain marine coatings. With a blasting rate of up to 280 ft²/hr and a consumption rate as low as 2.5 - 3.5 lb/ft², this abrasive is highly efficient and economical. It is particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications such as offshore platform decking, tanks, piping, pressure vessels, ship hulls, and ballast tanks. Its low to medium dust factor ensures cleaner operations and minimal environmental impact. GMA GX3 is one of the coarser grades in the GMA Garnet range, perfect for removing the thickest coatings of 30+ mils and capable of handling flexible or rubberized coatings due to the sharpness of rock garnet. Available through BlastOne across the USA, this abrasive is part of a range of grades to suit every blasting challenge. The consistency in size and cleanliness is guaranteed by GMA's ISO Quality Management System.

  • Engineered for Tough Jobs: Ideal for removing resistant specialist coatings and heavy liners
  • Uniform Surface Preparation: Achieves a high surface profile, ensuring optimal coating adherence
  • Efficient Consumption: Low rates of 2.5 - 3.5 lb/ft² make it cost-effective
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a variety of industrial uses,including offshore platforms, tanks, and ship hulls
  • Alluvial and Rock Garnet Blend: Offers sharpness and effectiveness in removing thick and flexible coatings
  • ISO Quality Management System: Ensures consistency in size and cleanliness for reliable performance
  • Multiple Mesh Sizes: Available in 16 and 36 to meet diverse project requirements
  • Large Quantity Packaging: Sold in 4400lb bulk bags for substantial industrial needs
  • MilSpec Approved: Meets rigorous quality standards for military specifications
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