GMA GX2 ToughBlast Garnet Abrasive


The GMA GX2 ToughBlast Garnet Abrasive (P-GX2) is a high-performance abrasive designed for challenging industrial maintenance tasks. Offering a high surface profile from 3.0 – 3.75 mil, this abrasive ensures an exceptionally clean surface, perfect for high build coatings. With blasting rates up to 370 ft²/hr and a low to medium dust factor, it’s ideal for rapidly removing heavy coatings and rust, especially in heavy-duty environments like offshore rigs and ship hulls.

  • High surface profile from 3.0 – 3.75 mil for optimal coating preparation
  • Blasting rates up to 370 ft²/hr for efficient operation
  • Consumption rate of 1.5 – 3.0 lb/ft²
  • Low to medium dust factor for cleaner work conditions
  • Available in mesh sizes 16 and 36
  • Packaged in 4400lb bulk bags, sold by the pallet
  • MilSpec Approved for top-grade quality

GMA GX2 ToughBlast Garnet Abrasive


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The GMA GX2 ToughBlast Garnet Abrasive (P-GX2) is engineered for superior cleaning on the toughest of jobs. This ‘all-around’ high-performance garnet abrasive is particularly effective in the rapid removal of heavy coatings, rust, and other challenging industrial maintenance tasks. Its uniform surface profile ranging from 3.0 to 3.75 mil ensures ideal surface cleanliness, which is critical for unmatched adhesion of coatings. 

Specifically developed for demanding tasks like offshore platform decking, tanks, piping, pressure vessels, and ship hulls, the GMA GX2 ToughBlast delivers blasting rates as high as 370 ft²/hr. Its recyclability rating of 4/10, coupled with a low to medium dust factor, makes it an environmentally conscious choice for industrial applications. 

GMA’s ISO Quality Management System guarantees consistency in size and cleanliness of the abrasive, ensuring reliable and effective performance across a wide range of blasting challenges. The GX2 is available in mesh sizes of 16 and 36 and is sold in 4400lb bulk bags by the pallet, making it suitable for large-scale projects and heavy industrial maintenance, including two and three coat systems and thick rigid coatings.

  • Engineered for Tough Jobs: Ideal for removing heavy coatings and rust
  • Uniform Surface Profile: Achieves 3.0 – 3.75 mil for superior coating adhesion
  • High Blasting Efficiency: Rates up to 370 ft²/hr for rapid surface preparation
  • Environmentally Considerate: Low to medium dust production with good recyclability
  • Versatile Mesh Sizes: Available in 16 and 36 for diverse application needs
  • Large Quantity Packaging: Sold in 4400lb bulk bags for substantial industrial requirements
  • MilSpec Approved Quality: Meets rigorous military specifications for abrasive materials