Graco Merkur Fine Finish Pump Sprayer 48:1 ratio

SKU: GM16U920
  • 48:1 pump ratio – 100 psi inlet pressure will deliver 4,800 psi spray pressure
  • Ideal for use as a solvent flush pump on a 2 component painting system
  • Lower size is 75cc
  • Comes with 50ft spray hose, 6ft whiphose, XTR504 gun and RAC tip
  • Genuine product – manufactured by Graco

Graco Merkur Fine Finish Pump Sprayer 48:1 ratio

SKU: GM16U920
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From topcoats and urethanes, this mid-range pressure-rated airless sprayer is the ideal sprayer for a perfect finish. The air-assist feature improves atomization for an increased finish quality. This product is often used in the Transport Industry for a near-automotive quality finish. By improving the productivity of your painting, costs are reduced and emissions are lowered. With this product you can expect the perfect finish to all your applications. The Merkur Fine Finish Pump Sprayer has been proven to outlast and outperform other pumps in their class.


  • Low pulsation output creates steadiness for a better finished look
  • Ideal for touch-ups and smaller projects
  • High flow rate delivery
  • All stainless-steel pump construction
  • Low air consumption
  • Wide range of pump ratios available including 15:1, 20:1, 30:1, 40:1
  • Pumps available in bare, wall mount and cart mount


  • Better finish with consistent pattern and film
  • More speed and multiple gun capabilities
  • Handles a wide range of fluids
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Higher pump ratios deliver a full range of material viscosities
  • Full line of products for any application
  • External valve access creates easy accessibility for servicing
  • Low operating noise levels