Clear Poly / Plastic Sheeting Roll, Non-Reinforced

Clear Poly / Plastic Sheeting Roll, Non-Reinforced


Poly sheeting is an everyday protective product for painters and other trades.  Key variables / features include:

  • Size specifications.  Many sizes and thicknesses are available. If the selection shown doesn’t include what you need, contact us for a quick price and availablity on your preferred version.
  • Flammability.  Available in low-cost non-FR or in flame resistant (tested to NFPA701).
  • Colors.  Generally stocked in clear (white for FR), it is also available in white, black and yellow.

Chat, phone, or email us for fast response on volume discounts and/or versions not shown in our selection.

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Clear Poly / Plastic Sheeting Roll, Non-Reinforced

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Clear Poly / Plastic Sheeting Roll, Non-Reinforced


The Clear Poly / Plastic Sheeting, Non-Reinforced, Non-FR is a multipurpose solution tailored to meet the needs of various projects requiring durable and transparent coverage. This non-reinforced, polyethylene strikes the perfect balance between strength and flexibility, making it easy to cut, fold, and conform to various shapes and sizes. Its clear composition ensures visibility, allowing you to easily monitor the covered areas while maintaining a neat and professional appearance. This feature is particularly beneficial for projects where visibility of the protected surface is important, such as during painting or remodeling tasks. Lightweight and easy to handle, this plastic sheeting is highly adaptable and can be used in numerous settings, including construction sites, home renovations, workshops, and more. It serves as an excellent barrier for dust containment, keeping work areas clean and minimizing cleanup efforts. Additionally, its versatility extends to applications such as vapor barriers, temporary weather protection, covering equipment, and safeguarding surfaces against spills and drips.
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