Schmidt G3 Trigger-style Deadman control

  • Premium Deadman Technology
  • Comfortable to hold – increases operator compliance
  • Available as Electric or Pneumatic in 2 configurations each:
    • 2-position (on/off) version
    • 3-position version with the following:
      • Position 1 – Air Off / Abrasive Off
      • Position 2 – Air On / Abrasive Off (for blowing off)
      • Position 3 – Air On / Abrasive On (for blasting)
  • This handle can be used with any blast control setup, but comes standard with each new BAABS deadman system purchase – see here for the main BAABS page.
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt / Axxiom Manufacturing

Schmidt G3 Trigger-style Deadman control


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Introducing the new Schmidt® G3 Trigger-style Deadman Control – the most reliable and comfortable deadman in the blasting industry. Designed with real-world abrasive air blast applications in mind, the G3 Trigger-style Deadman Control combines time-tested concepts and components with unprecedented comfort, making it the top choice for blasters.

The G3 Trigger-style Deadman is easy and comfortable to use, providing a lightning-quick response, and is easy to configure and maintain. Its primary focus is operator safety, and the safety flap mechanically prevents inadvertent activation. The redundant spring-loaded safety latch assures the base stays wrapped around the blast hose, providing an added layer of safety.

The premium 3-position version (coming soon) of the G3 Trigger-style Deadman enables seamless switching between Abrasive Cut Off (ACO) and abrasive air blast. It can control three functions: Position 1 if “Off,” Position 2 turns on the blast air and Position 3 turns on the blast air and abrasive, making it easy for blasters to switch between tasks.

In addition to the safety features, the G3 Trigger guard provides additional protection, making it better than all lever-style deadman controls currently offered. With all the features and benefits that blasters look for, the Schmidt® Trigger-style Deadman Control is the ultimate solution for dependable blasting control. Order now to experience the best in blasting abrasive deadman trigger technology!