SnakeBite XQ Blast Nozzle

SnakeBite XQ Blast Nozzle


Snakebite.  The world’s quietest blast nozzle!

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  • Up to 16dBA noise reduction
  • Up to 45% less fatigue compared to standard blast nozzles
  • Improved nozzle geometry
  • New technology quick-connect nozzle silencer
  • Durable and lightweight Silicon Nitride nozzle and silencer liner
  • Slimline ergonomic nozzle jacket
  • Standard contractor nozzle inlet thread
  • 2 versions available
    • Standard Pressure Nozzle effective between 90-110 psi
    • Low Pressure (LPS) Nozzle effective between 70-90 psi

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SnakeBite XQ Blast Nozzle

$2,108.41 - $2,343.25

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SnakeBite XQ Blast Nozzle


The SnakeBite XQ improves operator safety and delivers the following benefits:
  • High productivity blast nozzle with up to 16dBA noise reduction and up to 45% less nozzle thrust.
  • Reduced operator fatigue.
  • Improved nozzle liner wear characteristics and improved service life.
  • Increased ability to comply with employee noise exposure regulations
  • Lower risk of operator and bystander hearing related injuries.
  • Reduced noise impact on noise sensitive areas
  • Reduced operator fatigue, over the shift and on an ongoing basis enabling high cleaning rates to be achieved throughout the shift.
  • Reduced risk of worker manual handling related injury and injury caused by loss of operator nozzle control.

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